Router Admin Login, Password, and IP is an IP address that is used for systems like Edimax, Siemens, SMC, Belkin, and many more several routers. The range of this IP address is to put in action by IANA to delay the lack of more IPv4 address range. We can’t use this IP address to connect to any outside router beyond the home network. Router Admin Login, Password, and IP

Whenever we have to configure the router for making changes, then we need to login to the router’s admin panel. This is one such type of IP address that will help us with all the possible usernames and password combinations, and also it guides us on how to protect our router. Router Admin Login, Password, and IP

Every router and modem have login credentials and a default IP address that allows us to access the settings. It is one such type of IP address that is used to access the settings of routers like 2wire, ADSL routers, 3com routers, TP-link, and Westell ADSL modems to name few.

Step 1: First, we need to Enter or IP address in the search bar, and if our router has such a specific IP address, we will get the login page.

Step 2: Now, Enter the Username and Password. Router Admin Login, Password, and IP

Tip: If we have just got ourselves a new router with a private IP address, then we must have the default router username and password. Usually, the credentials are printed on the router box. Another way to do this work is to access the official site of the router. Router Admin Login Password and IP

How to Change the SSID

If we are using a private IP address for our network, then it is recommended to change the SSID, which is the name of the network visible to others in our network tab.


  • We should keep it short and simple
  • We shouldn’t make it quickly as it may backfire
  • We shouldn’t use any personal information as the name of our router

How to Change the Default Username and Password of Router

Our router may have a private IP address, but we may always not ensure our connection secure by changing the default credentials.


  • Our password should have a mixture of alphanumeric characters
  • Our password should be 8 to 16 characters long, complex but easy to remember
  • Username should be simple and user_friendly
  • Username and password for this IP address need to be written somewhere

How To Change the Password for

First, we need to access the default gateway using Then enter the username and password and see for WiFi settings. If we have direct TV & WiFi, then we can use this home network and choose the wireless router option.

Type device code when it is requested. Then we can change a name and save. To change this default password, We the Users need to select WPA/PSK encryption settings, which will highlight the grayed out the password. Now, we have to change the password and save it.

How to Recover the Forgotten IP Address Username and Password

When we buy a new router or mode, then we get the default credentials that are printed over the box or mentioned in the manual. We can also contact the internet service provider to Obtain the default credentials.

Method 1 – Check Router’s Manual or Back Side

If we have never changed the default username and password, then we can use the same Username and Password given router’s manual or at router’s back.

Method 2 – Reset The Router

If we have already changed the default username and password, then we need to reset the router so that we can use default credentials again and again.

Rebooting a router may erase all the previously saved details and settings. There is a time when we forgot the customized password, and we have to set for the router or else purchase the router from someone but forget to ask for the password they have set for the router. Then, it will turn our router to a factory made router. In this case, we will have to reset the router back to its factory settings and then feed the default password to access it.

Step 1: Turn off the router.

Step 2: Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds using a pointed object like a needle and now turn on the router. Keep On pressing the reset button until the router is turned on for 10-15 seconds.

Recover Router's Username and Password By Resetting

Step 3: Release the button and router rebooting starts.

Step 5: Now connect to the router using a WiFi connection or a network cable and log in using default credentials.



The router IP address is a private IP address that is used a default IP address for Several routers, including routers like Edimax, Belkin, Siemens, and SMC, to name a few Popular Router manufacturers.

And we can use it to open login screen, which allows us to enter router settings, where we can manage our home wireless network, change passwords and see who is connected to our WiFi and more. If we didn’t mind a technical challenge, then we can even change the router IP address to something else.