The Simpsons are a cultural phenomenon that nearly everyone has seen at least once. The popularity of memes based on “predictions” made in The Simpsons has grown alongside the show’s success in recent years.

The Simpsons have developed a habit of accurately and repeatedly anticipating major events without even realizing it.

Following in their customary footsteps, the Simpsons have made some forecasts for the year 2022; given the course of events over the past two years, we can only hope that these forecasts are optimistic.

2022 Simpsons Predictions


What Are The 2022 Simpsons Predictions?

The show has been successful for almost 30 years thanks to its loyal fan base who enjoys following the antics of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. But here’s the rub: despite the fact that many of its plots are laughably ridiculous, they often inspire imitation in the real world.

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However you choose to explain the FOX show’s uncanny ability to predict the future—strange, unconscious manifestation, or clairvoyance—it’s impossible to watch The Simpsons without feeling at least a little nervous. The fact that the show looks to be increasingly accurate only adds to the creepiness.

1. Virtual Reality Food

With the aid of virtual reality goggles and feeding tubes, Homer and Marge Simpson enjoy some “virtual fudge” in the year 2030. Cornell University researchers found that eating cheese in a virtual reality setting improved the flavor, while Royal Caribbean has been working to perfect VR dining technology for their passengers.

2. Colonising Mars

Lisa has a strong desire to visit Mars, so she books a one-way ticket there, much to Marge’s chagrin. Despite her objections, the rest of the Simpson family follows Lisa’s lead and books passage for the year 2026. Elon Musk and the SpaceX crew have been working on cargo ships with a 2022 Mars launch date.

3. Ivanka Trump As A Presidential Candidate

There have been numerous hints in past episodes of The Simpsons that Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter, will run for president in the future, either before or after her father leaves office. It’s not completely out of the question that Ivanka Trump could one day run for president, as she meets all the necessary qualifications.

4. The Take-Over Of The World By Robots

The Simpsons went to a theme park where all of the rides were staffed by robots. They lost control and slaughtered nearly everyone in their immediate vicinity. Jürgen Schmidhuber, often called the “father of Artificial Intelligence,” has predicted that robots may soon take over the planet.

5. Mind Control Induced By Music

In a 2001 episode, Bart and his pals play in a band that turns out to be the Navy’s subliminal music brainwashing experiment on children. Many individuals still think hip-hop music is used to manipulate its listeners’ thoughts, hence this may be included in a list of prophecies that have come true.

6. Ted Cruz Goes on Vacation Mid-Disaster

Someone found a clip from an older episode of The Simpsons Predicts the Future that seems to foreshadow Senator Ted Cruz’s most recent fiasco.

Cruz and his family evacuated to Cancun as a virus swept the globe and a statewide weather disaster left millions of Texans without access to running water and electricity. Not until he was caught at the airport did he feel compelled to return home and apologize.

7. Apple Products and Features

Recently utilize FaceTime? A wristwatch by Apple? Or maybe you used Apple’s “autocorrect” feature and accidentally changed the word at the last second? This was all foreseen in the 1995–1996 seasons of The Simpsons. Sure, Lisa’s version of FaceTime involves a rotary phone, but at least no one will ever dial the wrong number by accident.

8. The Game of Thrones Finale

What a blunder. Beware of spoilers! The Simpsons foreshadowed Westeros’s future before the finale… disappointed viewers. The enormous, chaotic ending of the final season of the HBO series was quite reminiscent of the dragon’s rising and the village’s destruction.

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Nostradamus, the Mayans, and even Miss Cleo (may she rest in peace) tried to foretell the future as long as our species has existed. They’ve all tried (and failed) to foretell the future in our lifetimes.

Specifically, may the end of the world arrive quickly and without further delay, as we keep missing it. But maybe we haven’t looked hard enough. The long-running animated series The Simpsons is probably the only thing that can accurately predict our end.