The San Francisco Bay Area was jolted by an earthquake of magnitude 3.9 at 6:29 p.m. EST on Monday. Everyone in the area felt it. As of Tuesday morning, there were no reports of casualties or damage, per the San Francisco Fire Department.

The U.S. According to the USGS, the earthquake’s epicentre was in San Lorenzo. The Associated Press initially gave it a 4.2, then a 4.0, and eventually a 3.9 for its shocking nature.

3.9 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks San Francisco Bay Area You ...


3.9 Magnitude Earthquake

The outlet states that the geological survey originally identified Ashland, which is close to San Lorenzo, as the epicentre.

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The earthquake reportedly caused widespread shaking in the Bay Area. Those in San Francisco, Castro Valley, and East Bay all felt it.

Vicky Esquivel was three miles away from the epicentre when the earthquake hit while she was at home in Hayward watching television. It was almost unreal, she said.

“it was almost as if you could feel it coming” and that it sounded like a “huge vehicle” had crashed through her wall.

According to Esquivel, she felt like her entire life was caving in around her. “I was petrified and shrieked my way into the living room. Both my husband and I exchanged glances and then remarked, “Earthquake.””

The United States Geological Survey estimated that the earthquake’s epicentre was 9.2 kilometres below the surface. BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, used the ShakeAlert system to postpone service for 10 minutes as a result of the quakes.

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Last Words

According to USGS Shake Alert scientist Robert de Groot, the quake was “a California earthquake of a garden variety,” but he emphasised the importance of being prepared for natural disasters on the West Coast.