The ninth season of 90 Day Fiancé was full of surprises and, to be frank, very turbulent for all the couples who took part. Those who watched the TLC series from the beginning could have guessed that at least a number of the engaged couples didn’t end up getting married.

If you’re wondering what happened to the couples from Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, we’ve got the scoop. Let’s recap what went down in each episode involving each pair and how things turned out for them.

90 Day Fiance Season 9 Cast


Miona And Jibri

Whether you find them fascinating or repulsive, Jibri and Miona Bell may be the season’s most interesting couple. The audience enjoyed watching Jibri deal with the complications of her fiancé’s desire to live a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles while she was forced to live with his parents in South Dakota.

During their visit, Miona and Jibri’s mother had a heated argument, and Jibri’s parents opposed their engagement.

Following their desert wedding, Jibri and Miona enjoyed themselves immensely at the tell-all. Jibri may have had the most fun, though, as he repeatedly interrupted Ariela Weinberg and Patrick Mendes’ brother John while they were talking onstage.

Lately, the happy pair has been spending their time together selling ripped jeans and cosmetics on the Internet and generally basking in the glory of married life.

Bilal Together With Shaeeda

Bilal Hazziez gave love another try with Shaeeda Sween, but things quickly gave off the wrong vibes. On Shaeeda’s first day in America, Bilal tried to pull a prank on her by making her think he was much poorer than he led on.

And then there was that huge argument that almost resulted in Bilal abandoning Shaeeda at the side of the road; clearly, these two were doomed to never go down the aisle together.

There was plenty of reason to believe that Bilal and Shaeeda’s relationship wouldn’t last, yet they went ahead and tied the knot nonetheless. Shaeeda sounded a little disappointed during the Tell-All about the fact that she and Bilal were still trying to have a child.

It has subsequently been revealed that both will be in the next seventh season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, so I expect to hear more about their marital lives and future plans.

Kobe Emily

Having been separated from Emily Bieberly and their two-year-old son Koban owing to travel limitations, Kobe Blaise came to the United States in the hopes of spending more time with them.

They quickly realised they had significant contrasts to work through, as Kobe desired a submissive wife while Emily was well-known for always getting her way. This led to frequent arguments between Emily and Kobe, including one incident where Kobe used profanity in front of Emily’s mother.

Ariela And Biniyam

As the only returning couple in Season 9 of 90 Days, Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg had a lot of pressure to live up to their former successes in order to impress viewers.

The season’s events followed the pair as they immigrated to the United States and began making a new life for themselves. Biniyam embarked on a career in mixed martial arts (MMA), and he even won his debut bout.

Ariela and Biniyam were married, but the tell-all suggests that they are still working through many of the problems they encountered in earlier seasons.

Biniyam’s disclosure during the tell-all that he now has a green card and is legally able to work in the United States is a huge plus. Biniyam didn’t have any immediate job goals beyond continue training to become an MMA fighter, but who knows if he’ll change his mind.

Mohammed and Yve

Mohamed Abdelhamed moved to the United States to be with Yve Arellano and experience life in the free world. He had high hopes for Yve, but they gradually dissipated as he pushed her into a more conservative wardrobe and Islamic practises.

Because of Yve’s resistance, Mohamed pondered looking for new sponsors to allow him to stay in the United States.

Thais and Patrick

When she moved to the United States from Brazil, Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone’s long-distance relationship was put to the test. Patrick felt like he had to do all the legwork to get Thais settled in due of her language barrier.

She had issues with the Thais because Patrick’s brother John shared an apartment with them. The fact that her father disapproved of their marriage and refused to offer his blessing also caused the Thais a great deal of stress.

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