Alibaba had gone ahead and they have planned to open up its first data centers in South Korea and Thailand. This is supposed to be in the year 2022. This is coming from them as the Chinese technology giant Alibaba had decided that they are going to look into that matter of expanding its cloud business further overseas and all over the world.

The e-commerce giant is known to be the number one cloud computing player but not on an international basis. It is only the number one in China and it is well known among the people but they have had it focused on expanding to the out and leaving its footprint internationally.

Alibaba Expands Cloud Business Abroad

This is indeed good particularly in other areas of Asia. They might have plans to expand further than Asia but that is not known yet. It is now planning on mainly the Asia areas which are including Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia. This is a big nice move and it is known to be going to give competition to the US tech giants of Amazon and Microsoft.

Alibaba had gone on and announced all of the plans on Wednesday at its Apsara Conference. This was indeed coming for some time and to be honest, many people were expecting it too. This came on along with a number of other new cloud products. This was interesting but that is not something that we are talking about now.

Alibaba is sure to be successful in the world. It had launched a new chip called Titian 710. This is the aim that they have with the artificial intelligence application. This happened this Tuesday. They are known to build custom chips that make them stand out from the others in the business.

We all know that there needs to be something different that needs to be put into question and to make it stand out. That’s all for now. We sure hope to see what plans Alibaba has for the future. We will obviously keep you updated with the news that comes from them.  Take care of yourself.