In the last few years, one of the go-to choices users made for their online entertainment was using Alluc search engine.

It was released back in 2006, and since then it became a popular online streaming website among hardcore fans who love watching anime, movies, series, TV shows, and much more.

Alluc is basically pronounced as “all you see”, it rose to this much of its popularity among users only because of its huge database collection and also because it provided high-quality links to stream your favorite movie or shows online.


10 Best Sites Like Alluc Movie

But unfortunately, this site is brought down by its owners in 2024, and finding its alternatives is very challenging because some sites seem to be good but they come with malware and can cause damage to your system. So here are a few safe to surf and user-friendly alternatives of Alluc to quench your thirst for entertainment.

1. MovieWatcher

Moviewatcher is One of the best platforms for movie streamers to watch trending and latest films which also links several review sites like IMDb so that users can go through them and know if it’s worth watching or not. Moviewatcher is home to a huge collection of HD quality movies and shows.

Its filtering options such as top movies, popular movies, latest TV shows, and much more makes it easier for users to find the movie according to their own wish. Just like Alluc, Moviewatcher does not provide video content but instead provides links to stream movies of your desire.

2. Snagfilms

SnagFilms is not at all a new name in the world of online movie streaming websites. If you wish to watch the best movies and shows then SnagFilms is all you need. Its library has separate columns for well-known and award-winning movies and shows.

You will be astonished to know that SnagFilms is home to the best classics and all-time favorite and super hit movies. SnagFilms provides their huge database all for free and no prior registration is required. It is considered as one of the best alternatives of Alluc.

3. Yidio

Yidio is one such website that provides content for users of any age and also has different sections of movies and TV shows.

Filtering options make Yidio a user-friendly website which makes it easier to search for a movie or a show of our own wish. This website collects content from well-known streaming services which require prior subscription before streaming movies such as Netflix Amazon prime Hulu and many more.

Yidio allows users to watch content with the help of an easy to surf interface. Yidio Has over 1 million TV shows and movies under different genres and categories.

It provides movies and shows descriptions and their respective ratings from rotten tomatoes as well which makes it easier for users to find movies to watch which are worth their time.

4. ClassicCinema

If you are someone who is fond of watching classic cinema and retro movies the classic cinema is the best online streaming website for you to enjoy such classics. This website also has movies released in the early 1920s and beyond. It’s a treasure for the one who has a specific taste in classic cinemas.

Its filtering options are easy to use which allows users to even search a movie only by specifying the actor’s name.

Users are given the best watching experience because every film on this website is digitally reworked and of HD quality. It provides films which were released back in the 80s and this is the key feature which makes it one of the best Alluc’s alternatives.

5. Movies123

Movies123 is a website with a well-designed layout and a huge library. It is considered as one of the best alternatives of Alluc to watch movies online, this website (Movies123) has the strongest social media presence out of all other platforms.

It is the best choice for users who wish to watch HD quality movies and shows and no prior registration is needed.

Movies123 provides various types of movies and shows listed under different categories and it allows all of its users to access the whole database all for free. Movies123’s Library consists of movies from 2011 and regularly updates its database so that the users can have the best viewing experience.

6. XMovies8

One of the best options for online streaming movies and also an Excellent alternative to Alluc. This website provides HD quality movies and shows with attractive layouts and features.

Xmovies08 is a site that allows users to access the whole of its content all for free without any charge and no prior registration or signup. It provides movies mainly under the categories of animation.

From series to excellent TV shows from amazing blockbusters to all-time popular trending movies you can find it all at xmovies08. It has different categories such as genre, rating, year of release, and quality which makes it easier for users to find the movie of their own wish

7. CooLMovieZ

One of the best online streaming movies to watch full-length and HD quality movies. It is so much similar to Alluc because of its wide variety of options for watching movies and shows of any season.

CooLMovieZ is a website that is updated regularly with the latest movies, it is an uncommon but well-known website that provides an amazing viewing experience to users.

Users are allowed to access this website via mobile as well. It’s an easy-to-use interface and very well designed and organized layout makes it an eye-catching website. This site’s homepage is home to recently updated movies and shows. It’s just like a torrent website that also allows users to download movies.

8. Vumoo

One of the oldest and well known online movie streaming websites that don’t ask its users for any prior registration or any payment. It provides users with different categories such as movies and TV shows. With its advanced search option, users can find any particular movie of their wish.

It doesn’t come up with any filter to sort out movies according to preferences, but still, it is the first choice for many users to watch movies.

It has a massive library containing a huge collection of movies and TV shows which is updated every now and then. It doesn’t redirect its users to any spam websites when one clicks on the play button.

9. Los Movies

Los Movies have more than 1k page lengthy catalog of movies belonging to different genres and are easy to browse page by page or can be narrowed or filtered by various categories.

This website provides a convenient way of watching movies for its users by providing subtitles in various languages which makes it a center of attraction for many users. It has a huge collection of movies that are too genre-wise, and this website doesn’t require any payment or any prior registration to access their content.

10. Movie4k

This website just like any other online streaming website listed above provides all of its content for free without any prior registration. But it doesn’t support different languages other than English.

Movie4k provides its video content all at high definition quality and high IMDb rating as well. Users are allowed to upload movies for other fellow users as well.

Its user-friendly interface, the huge database of movies and shows, and that too all of HD quality is what attracts millions of daily users towards it. This site’s homepage is home to recently updated and posted movies and TV shows.


Alluc provided a great watching Experience to users with its huge collection of movies but unfortunately, it has been brought down by owners.

But don’t you worry, these above-listed websites are the best alternatives of Alluc which will definitely bring a similarly exciting experience for you while streaming movies and shows online.