6 Best Alternatives to GarageBand for Music Production

Are you a user of Windows and are tempted to use GarageBand? There are many Windows compatible music production software and programs that can do just as much and if not more. Given below are the top alternatives to GarageBand software, which you can use on your computer.

Best Alternatives to GarageBand for Music Production

6 Best Alternatives to GarageBand for Music Production

1. FL Studio

FL Studio offers a broad package that is suitable for all levels of experience, which benefit from a straightforward and clean design. It is the 20th year of FL Studio’s success. It is undoubtedly one of the most used DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that are available in the market.

FL Studio Best Garageband Alternatives

FL Studio is an excellent intermediate option for users who have cut their teeth on the free audio editors like GarageBand but are now looking for a package with a certain bit of depth to them. This app has set itself apart from the rest of the comparable apps in the way that it has balanced broad functionality along with a very straightforward workflow.

Whether its users wish to customize their recording technique in order to suit the kind of style and instrumentation they are going for or tweak specifics of a synth, users are provided plenty of options that make it easy to personalize their experience. Another great selling point for FL Studio is that it is fun to use.

Experimenting with the beats by using its pattern feature is fast as well as responsive. This makes it easy for its users to get desired results without any sort of unnecessary hassle. FL Studio is quite easy to pick up and is trusted by many. It is likely one of the best value products that one can find at this price.


LMMS is one of the powerful GarageBand alternatives. It is a flexible tool that will get its users up and running in no time. All this at the bargain cost of free. The software sports a great variety of software instruments. Effects, as well as samples, are previously loaded.

This allows its users to get up and running right away. The user interface of the app could be clearer. But it’s still quite easy to use all the instruments and create beats by experimenting. Moreover, users can play synthesizers via musical typing, mapping the keyboard of their computer to notes on their instruments.

The visual mapping tool has made the drum sequencing pretty easy. Although live recording using LMMS is not possible. Additionally, the software comes loaded with a huge bulk of array samples. In fact, external samples are supported too. So, if you use your mobile devices in order to create recordings, you can easily import them into this software.

Users of Fruityloops/FL Studio will find LMMS quite familiar. Creating tracks bit by bit is where LMMS shines. Moreover, it also has an online forum with a great community and yearly competitions called “Best of LMMS.”

3. Mixcraft 8 Home

Mixcraft 8 Home is a loop-based program, which is a great first step for all budding music producers out there. One of the most popular features of GarageBand is its massive and diverse loop library. Its users can easily and quickly create a song that sounds great by simply layering loops of various instruments one over the other in such a way that it sounds appealing to them.

It is a kind of shortcut, but it is an easy way for beginners to dipping their toe in the waters of the digital music world. This software provides a compatible wide selection of loops in a very intuitive environment, which makes it quite easy to get up and speed quickly.

On top of all that, live recording is also supported by Mixcraft 8 Home, which makes it a great competitor to GarageBand. Mixcraft 8 Home is absolutely perfect for musicians who are just starting out. Although the reduced feature set can be something users can outgrow with time.

4. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM is extremely entertaining yet quite limited production application. While there are plenty of musicians who are regular users of GarageBand, a lot of users enjoy the app as a fun way of playing around with music.

If you are someone who is looking for that sort of music experience rather than a full-on music production time, then this software will get you running in no time at all. Unlike all the other apps covered here, this particular GarageBand alternative is an application that users can download from the Windows App Store.

Music Maker JAM is also available for iOS as well as Android, hence joining the ever-increasing list of all the music-making apps for smartphones. The music production on this software begins with the selection of loops based on genres, before transporting them into the arrangement for creating a song. Volume levels and BPM can be tweaked on the fly and apply FX as it seems fit.

As compared to other similar apps on our list, the features of this software are quite restricted. A more fun way of sharing music with your friends than a fully-fledged DAW, Music Maker JAM has some unique options specifically designed for casual musicians. The feature of recording vocal tracks over the quickly built loops is what makes this app perfect for newbie singers and MCs.

Star musicians and DJs contribute contributed sound packs to this app, along with some stems from famous tunes for users to remix. Remix competition winners and trending songs are featured on the official channel of Music Maker JAM.

5. Reaper

Reaper is a complex production program that works specifically well with live instrumentation. There are various programs and applications out in the market which attempt to create music creation approachable to all. But high levels of music production demands complex programs. Reaper is a program that offers various great options to expert users. Although the app won’t hold your hands during the process.

Reaper Music Production Software

A specific level of understanding and knowledge is required to use this program. The biggest advantage that Reaper has over the other big names in the business of digital audio workstations is its cost. Where its competitors like Ableton, Pro Tools, and Cubase typically charge hundreds of dollars, the basic pack for Reaper costs only $60 for personal use.

Although the app has an impressive collection of VST effects, it requires a great level of skills for us. Reaper also lacks VST instruments that work “straight out of the box.” However, the use of external VSTs can help in getting rid of this problem. But if you already knew that, then you likely are not searching any easy and simple GarageBand fun anyway!

Reaper is professional-grade equipment for users looking to get some real work done. This app does a great job if they are willing to learn the ropes.

6. Stagelight

Stagelight is an intuitive and straightforward app. Quite similar to Music Maker JAM in many ways, Stagelight comes as an application for Android for creating music alongside windows and Mac programs. The app takes a slightly different approach for digital music production as compared to other such packages, with more focus on user interface typically called as the live mode.

It is a way to test out various audio clips and loops together in order to check what meshes well. It is used by many electronic artists during their live performances. The free version of the app has the same unlimited tracks, like the upgraded “Unlock” versions, along with some minor restrictions.

The instruments and the drum machine are cut back basic versions, and users get fewer presets and effective overall. Stagelight presents a unique way to work to the table. The free version of the app is more than enough for the majority of its users.


There are plenty of great options for people who use Windows who enjoy using GarageBand. GarageBand alternatives on this list will certainly appeal to any upcoming musician. That’s all about the best GarageBand alternatives. Thank you for reading!