The trend of watching anime movies and series is now growing gradually. AnimeHeaven is one of those websites that are used mainly for this purpose. This site is perfect as it has a wide collection of anime movies and series from old to latest. This platform includes movies and series from different categories and genres, like drama, comedy, thriller, mystery, action, etc. The one advantage is that the anime movies and series in AnimeHeaven are even available in dubbed and subbed versions.

At times there are multiple interruptions at the site. This is one disadvantage that really destroys the mood of the viewer. Also, it is not wrong to say that this site is scrutinized by regulatory authorities as well. Therefore, we should quickly look for alternatives to AnimeHeaven.

Sites Like AnimeHeaven


9 Best Sites Like AnimeHeaven to Watch Free Anime Series in 2024

Here are the 9 best websites for watching free anime series other than AnimeHeaven.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a popular legal anime TV channel. There is a massive collection of interesting anime that one can watch here. This site is easily accessible on all devices. The watch history options are also available there to easily find out what movies he has watched. But this site is not a free site.

It comes with a two-week trial period. You can have the experience and then decide for yourself that you want to continue or not. But the quality and versatility of the contents in the site must be noted. The streaming is quite smooth. Both the dubbed and subbed versions are available.

After its initial release in Japan, the shows are easily available here in few hours. The language option is also there, in case you want to switch to a different language. The video quality settings also make it easier for the user. Sometimes it also streams live video over the platforms like Facebook and Twitch.

The searching tab is the essential feature to search for different content. Overall, it gives a great experience.


  1. Best anime collection ranging from old to new at affordable rates.
  2. Live action videos.
  3. Multi-platform support.
  4. Ad-free experience.
  5. Friendly user interface.
  6. All video quality including. HD, 1080p and even 360p.

2. KissAnime

It has the largest anime collection online. The range is vast. There are both old anime and new ones. The streaming quality is excellent. In fact, you can stream from the range of 360p up to 1080p. The video player runs smoothly on all devices. Everything on the site is free, i.e., you need no membership to access the site.

However, one can register as a member here too. It comes with an additional feature like the use of bookmarks and updates notifications that will indicate new anime to the site.


  1. Platform independent.
  2. Many resolution quality options, including HD.
  3. Largest anime collection.
  4. Free access.

3. Masterani

One of the best anime websites. This site comes with a feature where you can create an account solely according to your need. You even have the opportunity to link your MyAnimeList to this site. The search bar is right there on the top. This makes the searching option easier.

The advanced search option is also there to identify the content as a TV series, movie, OVA, or anything else. A unique feature of this site is the chat feature. That helps the new users if they encounter any problem.


  1. User-friendly and interesting interface.
  2. Good quality streaming.
  3. A unique chat section.
  4. Wide variety of content.

4. GoGoAnime

Another trendy free anime streaming website. It is known for storing a large number of anime movies and series collections. Unlike others, it has good quality content with good storylines. In fact, the site also provides various books related to different anime characters.

Some anime that are only available in the paid versions of different sites are available here for free. You can even download your anime. A good user-friendly and simplified interface. The movies and series are classified perfectly.

One of the drawbacks is the pop-up ads, which may disturb the flow of streaming at times.


  1. It covers many genres, viz, kids, fantasy, horror, drama, etc.
  2. Dubbed content and subbed content area available.
  3. Every day new series are added
  4. Simplified user interface.

5. Funimation

Unlike other anime streaming websites, it has a few additional details. Funimation provides details of the movie which you are currently watching. The details mentioned is well-thought-of and is surely in-depth.

There are no demands for likes and shares here. The arrangement is tidy and proper and with a simplified user interface. The Funimation group is considered to be one of the famous and biggest active buildings in the world. It is a free streaming site.


  1. Free website with a wide variety of content.
  2. Detailing is provided, along with other information related to the series.

6. AnimeNova

It is another such website that has a good variety of content. A large range of anime movies and series are there on the site. It also has anime drama. A lot of content from different genres is provided here. The high-streaming quality is available along with fast streaming speed, which is quite good. This ensures that the audience gets good streaming facilities.


  1. Covers many genres.
  2. Series and Movies are available in HD, medium, and low-quality video resolutions.

7. AnimeLab

A trendy streaming website. Everyone absolutely loves this site. In fact, this website is known for setting up the bar in respect to high-standard video streaming services. It is free. One can easily sign-up using Google or Facebook account to activate the service. No hectic payment method is needed. It has a straightforward overall outlook. One could easily find their desires anime here.

Both subbed and dubbed videos are there. One unique feature of AnimeLab is that it has a Chromecast adaptability feature. Thus, you can watch the desired video on your home TV device also. It provides a good quality video streaming facility. Accessing and joining is quite easy. One can even download their anime in HD quality.


  1. One of the best video streaming websites with maximum quality streaming available.
  2. Android app is available.
  3. We can watch on home Tv due to the Chromecast feature.
  4. Add free experience.
  5. User-friendly interface.

8. Netflix

Although many are unaware of it, Netflix is one of the best anime streaming websites. The video quality is obviously good. It provides HD videos. It covers lots of movies and series from different genres. A number of the latest anime contents are also released here.

However, Netflix is not free. It has different packages providing different accessibility and streaming qualities. The subtitles are perfectly in sync with the video, and the interface is quite user-friendly. As it is paid, there are no disturbance of ads.


  1. Fast streaming service.
  2. Paid site but worth the price.
  3. Great variety of content.
  4. Simple user interface.

9. Hulu

It is somewhat similar to Netflix. It has a wide variety of content, including anime movies and series. Hulu provides the latest anime series and movie content on the site. The range of genres available is actually huge. The customer care service is effective and useful. They are available 25/7.


  1. Ad-free experience.
  2. Good premium content is available here, including series and movies.
  3. Has a big database.

Final Words

An anime lover must have good knowledge about the sites that provide good quality anime content. There are free sites as well as premium sites. It is solely dependent on the audience to make their choice.