Apple had recently announced new iPhone models on that Tuesday.  It is an annual tradition. They have had there what is an annual tradition for the company ahead of the holiday shopping season. The new models which had been new and called iPhone 13, are released and we are not seeing any major advances over last year’s models or the models that we come across it.

Last year’s models have been something that did get a few changes like they had gained 5G connections and a newer and more flattering design. This year’s had not been so diverse and good. The new models that came out look all similar. We can say that they are more or less the same. They are the same come in screen sizes. The only thing that might have been considered to be changed are a few. It is seen that they have faster processors and have included new photography features. This is however targeted for more of a skilled user and not for everyone.

Apple Emphasis iPhone 13 Battery Life

However, there had been a feature that had been emphasized by the company a lot. The fact is that they mentioned that the newer iPhone will have longer battery life. They seem to be revolving around this feature a lot so we can say that maybe they paid a lot of attention to overcoming this particular problem that many people have complained about in the past. iPhones have been notorious and infamous because of the battery life they had. So this new release can as well solve the problem.

Improvements have been also made to the screen image and the camera had been given some more appeal so that the public may seem invested in it. But the change is not that much and can be very difficult to be seen. The four models that had been released in the launching event will be having more battery life. They will have approximately 90 minutes more battery life if you are using them normally. However, the biggest of them and the most expensive of them is 13 Pro Max that is going to get 150 more minutes of battery life than the last model.

So that’s what you know about the iPhone 13 now. It is a very good phone but in terms of improvement and changes, we can not speak much about that. So if you are planning on buying this new release, think once again.