The ‘Apple Pay Services are Currently Unavailable’ problem was reported by numerous customers. This problem has been reported by users who have tried to sign up for Apple Pay, add a Card to Apple Pay, use Apple Pay to make a purchase, or use Apple Pay Cash.


Method 1: Turn Off And Back on Your iPhone.

It’s possible that the current difficulty with Apply Pay is only a temporary bug in the iOS, and that rebooting the device will fix it. It would be best if Apple Pay, Apple Card, and Apple Pay Cash were all functioning beforehand.

Apple Pay Services Are Currently Unavailable

Step 1: Start by holding down the iPhone’s power button.

Step 2: Activate the power off slider to put your iPhone to sleep.

Step 3: If your iPhone is still on, wait until it turns off, then press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears.

Step 4: Make that Apple Pay is working after a full power cycle of the iPhone.

If you’re seeing this on a jailbroken iPhone, check to see if a disabled daemon in iCleaner, such as Passbook One (particularly, tied to Apple Pay), is to blame.

Method 2: Change Your Current Network Service Provider

Potentially, the network being used is too restrictive for Apple Pay to function properly (for instance, a network at work is preventing access to a resource necessary for Apple Pay’s operation). Moving to a different network could be the answer.

Step 1: You can switch the iPhone’s active network (cellular, for example) and reconnect to a different one (e.g., a Wi-Fi network or hotspot from another phone).

Step 2: See if the Apple Pay services problem still exists now.

Method 3: Modify Your iPhone’s Regional Settings

Since Apple Pay is only available in select countries and regions, switching the iPhone’s regional settings to one that isn’t one of those could render Apple Pay inaccessible. Changing the iPhone’s regional settings could be the answer here.

Step 1: Select General from the iPhone’s Settings menu.

Step 2: To do this, launch Language & Region and then select Region.

Step 3: After that, choose the right area (the United States, for example) and hit the “Done” button.

Step 4: Now see if the problem with Apple Pay Services being unavailable has been fixed.

If it fails, check to see if Apple Pay is offered in your area.

Method 4: To Use Cellular Data With Apple Wallet, You Must Enable it.

Apple Pay Services unavailable can occur if the Apple Wallet is not set up to use cellular data on the iPhone, which can lead to communication issues. In this case, using cellular data on an iPhone to access Apple Wallet could be the best solution.

Step 1: Initiate a visit to Cellular under the iPhone’s Settings.

Step 2: If you’re having issues with Apple Pay, try turning on Apple Wallet by toggling its switch to the “on” position and then relaunching the app.

Method 5: Turn off Virtual Private Network Access on Your iPhone

Because the Apply Pay module depends on the iPhone’s location for processing payments, using a virtual private network (VPN) to access to the Internet may cause problems. It’s possible that turning off VPN access on the iPhone would fix the issue.

Step 1: Select General from the iPhone’s Settings menu.

Step 2: In order to turn off VPN, launch the programme and move the Status to the Off position.

Step 3: Now, make sure that all of the associated Apply Pay modules are functioning correctly.

Method 6: iPhone Ad Blocker Must Be Disabled

If the iPhone’s ad blocker is disrupting Apple Pay’s ability to communicate with its servers, the service may be unavailable. The issue may be remedied if the iPhone’s ad blocker is disabled.

Step 1: Initiate Safari from your iPhone’s menu of options.

Step 2: Now go to Content Blockers and turn them off for every type of content you’re trying to access.

Step 3: Verify that Apple Pay is functioning properly.