Best Apple TV Apps is one of the most searched topics on the Internet right now! In the era of technology, one of the biggest giants to dominate is Apple. Anybody who uses the internet is very well aware of the plethora of products from Apple be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, Homepod and next in the order is Apple TV.

Apple TV is a digital media player and micro-console where you can have all your TV channels, videos, web series connected to your TV or any other video display with a great video quality experience where you can feel the ongoing drama.

Best Apple TV Apps

So are you in a dilemma to choose the best Apple TV Apps for you? Your search ends here people. Right from entertainment to games to weather forecasting you will get all the information under this single article.

20+ Best Entertainment, News, Educational and Gaming Apps for Apple TV

6 Most Entertaining Apple TV Apps of All Time

Be it a stressful day or a lazy weekend when you have got some web series or great movies within a single click of your choice you end up feeling good. So some of the best apps are listed here for you.

1. Netflix

Apple TV Apps - Netflix

I think there would be no one who hasn’t heard the name of Netflix and the wide scale of online streaming videos, movies and TV shows it provides. So just head on and download on quickly to have a munch of the chilling adventures of Sabrina and what not.

2. Hulu

One of the toughest competitors to Netflix will be Hulu where you can watch the latest TV episodes and top of that you have access to the past season, content of original as well. Isn’t it great? So have a look at PEN15 if you are an adult cum teenager.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Heard of Amazon as a shopping platform but don’t be shocked it equally is dominating the entertainment industry too providing you with lots of television shows and newly released films at your home-screen now at minimal fees and yes you can have a rental service too.

4. PlayStation Vue

Games on PlayStation with friends are a chilling experience so is the PlayStation Vue which is a multichannel video programming that combines TV, on-demand video, cloud-based DVR, movies and what not.

5. YouTube TV

YouTube’s clean and straightforward experience with filtered content is made available to you at throwaway prices on YouTube TV where you can have all your movies and shows at a single screen.

6. Movies Anywhere

Best Apple TV Apps - Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere is a new name in the streamline services, but it’s a cloud-based digital locker that saves all your movies from wherever you would have downloaded like iTunes, Amazon and from Blu Ray too. So you can watch them anywhere anytime as your movies are secure and safe with you.

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6 Best News Apps for Apple TV

With the overgrowing demand of staying updated it’s essential that you have current affairs on the tip of your tongue.

1. CBS News

So want to stay updated with the happenings around you. So get this app as it will give you just plain news material of your local, national and international importance.

2. Reuters TV

With the hectic routine of our busy schedule, we are unable to get all the information of news, and that’s when Reuters TV comes to our rescue it has a unique feature of small video news that covers news in a short span of time and keeps you updated.

3. Wired

As the name suggests, you are wired to the app that helps you to have an opinion of your own by reading the articles of the Wired magazine and informs you how the technology directs the role of politics and economy of the present civilization.

4. Carrot Weather

So want a weather app that gives you weather forecasting in a mean and hilarious way for that Carrot weather is the right choice. It tells you about the weather and warns you if you don’t believe it that and funnily it totally reminds you of your mom’s warning.

5. AccuWeather

Giving it services since 1962 and provides minute to minute weather conditions from local to international weather reports on a least prediction failure scale. It has the tag to be accurate in forecasting from years, and you can trust him more than your gut instinct.

6. Dark Sky

Apple TV Apps - Dark Sky

Dark Sky’s of the best weather app you can have on your smart Apple TV that provides you the detail of even minute changes in your local areas around. It gives you data for the upcoming hour, days, week in advance on the single screen of the app. So you can plan your days and work accordingly.

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4 Best Educational And Motivational Apps for Apple TV

1. Lynda

Apple TV Educational Apps - Lynda App

The age bar doesn’t matter when you want to attain knowledge. Learning will become fun when you do it on your TV right. Lynda allows you to learn through its impressive features of weekly series, learn at your pace and top of that enriching documentary that fills you with immense knowledge.

2. Udemy

One of the most popular Apple TV Apps of all time, Udemy is another educational learning app that teaches you through both works and plays strategy and keeps you glued to the subject. You can have your own wish-list from 1200 topics, and some of them will definitely attract you and make you a better person.

3. Ted

When feeling a bit low and lacking self-confidence and need a push factor to encourage you then who can serve better than the Ted talk platform. So it’s a must-have app in this fast and unpredictable life around all of us.

4. Think Up

To start your day from positive affirmations, you need this app in your Apple TV, and it helps you to stay motivated and cheerful the entire day and gives you a self-satisfaction on every little achievement you gain.

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3 Best Gaming Apps for Apple TV

Who doesn’t like to play games that too on a TV set that gives you widest possible screen and somewhat of a 3D experience.

1. Minecraft

Apple TV Apps and Games - Minecraft

One of the best rated Apple TV App for gaming is Minecraft where you build your own empire from the resources available to you. Here you can recover the lost talent of yours when you use to build sand castle through your crafting and showcase your combat skills too.

2. Monopoly Here And Now

Isn’t it fantastic when you have that classic monopoly board game on your TV and enjoying it happily, and that reminds you of your childhood days. So you got to have this app on your Apple TV and teach this game to your toddler as well.

3. Smule Sing! Karaoke

Have a passion for bathroom singing now perform it on smule and that too with lyrics beforehand. So get a chorus performance and enjoy with your friends.

Final Words

There are multiple Apple TV Apps when you got to choose but the best Apple TV Apps are listed above with a short list so that you will be able to have a smart choice when picking your Apple TV Apps from plethora of options around from each genre be it entertainment, news, weather, games, education and much more. So spend your money and time only on the best Apple TV Apps. As it’s said “Luxury is a choice.” So make a wise choice regarding your own happiness.