The Series 5 Apple Watch was the first Apple Watch to include an always-on display, and it made all the difference. Until recently, when you raised your wrist, the Apple Watch’s face remained dark. You may now check the time and other information you’ve set up whenever you look down at your wrist, no matter what position it’s in.

It may seem ludicrous that the Apple Watch can now tell you the time constantly, but it is precisely these kinds of improvements that have propelled the Apple Watch to the top of our list of the best smartwatches currently available.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is now the most advanced Apple Watch model available, while the Apple Watch SE isn’t far behind in terms of functionality (for more on this, see our comparison of the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch Series 5).

Apple Watch Series 5

New Series 5s are out of stock at this time. The smallest Series 6 model is the aluminum 40 millimeter with GPS, which starts at $399 (£399). You can splurge on a cellular watch for an additional $100.

(which also requires a monthly data plan from your wireless carrier for an additional cost). The LTE-enabled version of the bigger 44-mm watch costs an additional $420 (£520).


Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Display

Almost every other smartwatch out there has an always-on screen, and I’ve used them all. Yet, this only serves to ensure that the time is clearly shown at all times. Apple’s implementation of an always-on screen is a luxury feature.

The Series 5 does more than just tell time. While dormant, the screen dimly displays all the data from your watch face. For quick access to my most-used applications (Workout and Messaging) and other bits of information (weather, battery life, etc.),

I typically use the Infograph Modular watch face, which contains six complications in addition to the clock. Even when the screen goes dark, I can make out every detail.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Compass

I may or may not have yawned when I heard that the built-in compass in the Apple Watch Series 5 was one of the headline features. Compared to the Series 4’s announcement last year, when an ECG app was certified by the FDA, this one really didn’t do anything to pique my interest.

But when I took the watch for a two-mile hike in Runyon Canyon, I saw how helpful the Compass app might be. I recently moved to Los Angeles, where there are hundreds of urban hiking paths within a short drive from my apartment.

On these paths, I can typically make see Los Angeles in the distance, so I rarely use my compass. The Hollywood sign and other sights helped me get my bearings. I’ll consider myself lucky if my view includes both the ocean to the west and Griffith Observatory to the east.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Battery Life

On a daily basis, I wear my Apple Watch for a total of 16 hours, beginning with my morning workout and ending when I go to bed.

Series 3 and Series 4 watches, which I used to own, had a significantly longer battery life, but I never wore them since I didn’t want to have to charge them every night.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Design

There hasn’t been a significant update to the Apple Watch in… forever. The Series 5 is visually indistinguishable from the Series 4. The white ceramic model is a premium watch that costs $1,299, and Apple has introduced a new titanium finish that is easy to put on and looks great in person.

The original aluminum model remains the most popular choice. And now, with Apple, you can choose the watch’s band and case color before you buy it, rather of having to settle for the default options and then swapping them out later.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: WatchOS 6

Some of the most useful improvements to the Apple Watch weren’t exclusive to the Series 5. The watchOS 6 is the main reason I keep using my Series 5, and it was made accessible as an OTA update for the Series 3 and 4.

The launch of a dedicated Watch App Store was another highlight, as was the Cycle Tracking app for keeping track of your period and symptoms (more on that in a minute), the Calculator app for saving relationships complete with a tip calculator, the Noise app for keeping tabs on ambient noise levels, and the launch of the app.

The enhancements made by Apple in this update don’t stop there. The new watchOS 6 included several great features.

watchOS 6

The base price for the GPS-only version is $399. The LTE-enabled version of this handset can be had for a starting price of $499. The aluminum versions are listed at the lower prices.

The price increases with the number of extra features you select and whether you want a model made of ceramic, titanium, or stainless steel. The new titanium finishes in the Edition Series 5 begin at $799, while the white ceramic and gray ceramic models cost $1,299 and $799, respectively.


The Series 5 was unveiled at Apple’s September 10, 2019 autumn event. The product was made available for purchase by customers on September 20 after its initial release that day. The always-on display is the flagship feature of this generation.

The time and any issues will always be displayed on the new screen. The new Apple Watch is the first wearable device to feature an integrated compass.

Apple is also equipping all cell phone models with access to international emergency services. Models in ceramic white, natural brush, and space black titanium are all back for Series 5.