At the September 15, 2020 Time Flies event, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6, which includes a new health sensor that enables blood-oxygen monitoring and is “the most colorful lineup ever,” as described by Apple COO Jeff Williams.

The health sensor uses red and infrared LEDs to determine a person’s blood-oxygen level based on the color of their blood in about 15 seconds. According to Williams, it also records periodic background readings and saves them while you sleep.

This reference guide for the Apple Watch Series 6 provides information such as extra features, specifications, pricing, and more. If Apple releases any additional details about the Watch Series 6, they will be included here.

Apple Watch Series 6


What is the Apple Watch Series 6?

The Apple Watch Series 6 replaces the premium Series 5 Watch, which was released in 2019, and boasts an updated chipset in addition to other health and design enhancements. It features updated hardware like a newer version of watchOS and a more advanced always-on altimeter built into the speedier S6 System in Package (SiP).

Both the case and the strap of an Apple Watch can be customized in a number of ways. The Apple Watch Series 6 has many of the same essential features and specifications as the Apple Watch Series 5, but there are a few key differences. Read TechRepublic’s analysis of the differences between the Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6 for more information.

What are the Key Features of the Apple Watch Series 6?

The Series 6 Apple Watch stands out due to its blood-oxygen sensor. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in demand for pulse oximeters, this update couldn’t have come at a better time.

The new S6 silicon chip drives the watch’s operating system, watchOS 7, and its dual-core CPU promises up to 20% faster performance. Apple claims that the Series 6 Watch’s battery life of 18 hours remains unchanged.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is loaded with health and fitness capabilities, such as the ability to monitor your sleep, recognize when you’ve washed your hands automatically, access to different kinds of workouts, and more.

When the user is sitting or lying still, the watch can take measurements at the user’s request, and it will also take periodic background measurements when the user is inactive. According to Apple, the health app will display all collected information; for example, a user can view patterns over time regarding their blood-oxygen level.

What are the Color, Bands, and Display Options for the Apple Watch Series 6?

The metal case of the Apple Watch Series 6 comes in a variety of colors, including Space Gray, Silver, Blue, Gold, and Apple Watch Product Red. Apple’s “Solo Loop” strap is a seamless, stretchy piece of silicone that doesn’t require any fasteners or adjustments and is watertight.

It comes in seven different colors and a number of different designs. The watch is also offered with a yarn-braided Solo Loop strap in your choice of five colors. In addition, there is a modern leather link strap that uses flexible molded magnets.

There are three distinct ways to represent numbers. Seven new watch faces, including Stripes, Chronograph Pro, GMT, and Artist, are available for the Apple Watch Series 6. Users can choose between animated, touch-sensitive emoji faces, or they can customize the striped emoji to match a user’s outfit or favorite sports team.

Surfers and photographers, for example, can choose from a variety of specialized watch faces. You can get a watch face that shows the time in several different time zones simultaneously.

Apple Watch Series 6 Pricing

This year, Apple released two new smartwatches: the high-end Series 6 and the more budget-friendly Watch SE. The Series 6 starts at $399 for the GPS-only variant and $499 for the GPS + cellular model.

Key health and safety features, such as fall detection, are included in the Watch SE, which has a similar design to the Series 6 and starts at $279 for the GPS-only device and $329 for the GPS and cellular version.

Not only does it not show your heart rate and oxygen levels continuously, but it also doesn’t have an always-on screen. The Series 3 GPS-only model is still available for the low, low price of $199.

There is no model available for Android users because each one must be paired with an iPhone. In addition to 40mm and 44mm cases, the Series 6 is also available with cases made of recyclable aluminum, stainless steel, or brushed titanium. This year, Apple is also offering a variety of new colors in rich jewel tones.


Because to its superior functionality, extensive app selection, and comprehensive health and fitness tracking features, the Apple Watch has been our Editors’ Pick for some time now.

Apple improves upon its flagship smartwatch with the Series 6 (beginning at $399), which adds a blood oxygen saturation sensor that measures your SpO2 on demand and takes periodic background measurements.

While you sleep and are otherwise idle. Given the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is more crucial than ever to include this technology into a consumer wearable, as it provides insight into how efficiently your cardiovascular and respiratory systems are delivering oxygenated blood to your tissues.