Backpage is an interesting website specially meant for buying and selling of goods and services. It was one of the largest market place available online. The platform was active, and several people used this platform for buying and selling of goods and especially some services like online adultery. However, it was further detained federal law enforcement in April 2018. The US Department of Justice banned this website because of some adult services.

The users of Backpage were allowed to support all kinds of goods and services, so they started using this website for adult purposes also. The website provides services like active sex workers and escorts the user base. This website is mostly known for these kinds of services.

Unfortunately, Backpage and other associated assets to Backpage were banned by the law department due to several reasons like human trafficking, which includes trafficking of underage children. Apart from Backpage, there are several other similar websites so that different people from different countries can use it. Countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and UK, etc.


15 Best Alternatives and Sites Like Backpage in 2020

We have provided the list 15 different and best websites similar to Backpage:

1. Pernals

Pernals is another website similar to the new app that is meant for dating like Craigslist personals. It is one of the best alternatives to Backpage. When the U.S. Senate passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, the law department banned the websites, and Pernals was one of them.

The developers of this website made this platform for the people for dating and hookups the same as Craigslist Personals. The Pernals are similar to the Craigslist personals, but it has some exceptions also.

The websites need some credentials like your nickname, email id, and password for account creation. After that, it allows the users to make their personal ad and refer it for consent. The ad will not be seen by anyone until the ad is permitted. Once it is approved by the website, the users who are interested can be able to see the ads.

You cannot compare Pernals with other dating applications like tinder. The reason is that Pernals maintains high security and privacy to its users. The users cannot upload selfies for finding their matches on the website as it does not allow the “selfie culture.”

2. Doublelist

Doublelist is also an alternative for the website Backpage. This platform came into existence after websites like Craigslist and Backpage were banned by the U.S Department. This website prohibits the buying and selling of services like sex. Doublelist is a special platform that permits users to post their live, personal ads.

Also, it helps the users to connect with people with similar minds and interests in the community. If someone is posting any false or mistrustful ads, the users can report them. Serious and strict actions will be taken by the website, and the users with an intention to provide sex service will be penalized.

When Doublelist came into existence, it was a relatively small website, but now it has expanded much. With its expansion, Doublelist pave the way for its users to connect with people with the same thinking and intentions.

Also, the platform provides several other services easily. People with different sexual alignments, predilections, and kinks can use this strong platform and connects easily. This platform is safe and unbiased, as the users will not be judged no matter whatever they want.

3. Bedpage

Bedpage is similar to the Backpage platform with the same intention of providing the same services as Backpage does. The users of the Bedpage can easily post their ads without any cost. The post can be of various categories, but the category of Dating and Adult services are the most famous ones.

This platform provides ultimate security and consists of several systems that assure the users that they are safe and protected while using this platform. This website is famous throughout the world and has expanded its user base all over.

The users mostly come from the Backpage website. However, the new user also joins every day. It is expected that the Bedpage through its expansion will be very famous so that same-minded people can make connections over ads.

4. Hoobly

This platform is also similar to Craigslist personals. It permits its users to post ads in various categories. Hoobly provides various categories such as Announcements and Events, Books, Arts, Industrial and Business, Clothing and Accessories, Collectables, Careers, and many others. Apart from these categories, Hoobly also provides a special section of Separate Personals where the users are allowed to post their personal ads freely.

This helps the users to connect with similar peoples all over the world. Hoobly is a special platform with a modest interface that helps the users in posting ads easily. Moreover, the platform provides the utmost security as it has a default system of detecting the fraud.

This system helps the website to not to entertain the scammers. It is well-known that the scams cannot be removed, but the system somehow makes the Hoobly safer.

5. ClassifiedAds

ClassifiedAds is also a free platform similar to all the alternative websites of Backpage that are discussed in this article. The users on these platforms can make their ads and post them to connect with similar kind of people. The ads consist of various kinds of categories. The company is created in Washington and has strong and high security.

Mostly, ClassifiedAds tries to provide the utmost security for this, and they devote their lot of time to remove the scams or spam subjects so that they can provide a safe and secure platform to its users.

Several people have used this platform for their personal advertisements. This made the users believe that ClassifiedAds offers a high level of privacy and security. The users of Seattle have declared the company as one of the best startups. This company is very trustworthy and offers the best quality of services to its users.

6. Oodle

Oodle is an alternative website for Backpage. The personal category of this website is recently developing as very popular among its users. Women are allowed to post their personal ads. Different categories are there for posting ads such as Women Seeking Men, Dating, Women Seek Women; Men seek Men, Casual Encounters, etc.

There is security and privacy, as the ads posted aims the ideal beings. Relevant users can take required actions, and the users posting the ads get the best replies.

This platform is used by several users, and so every user gets connected to the one who is suitable for them. The users can easily use this website, and further, this platform provides the utmost security to them. The user feels secure and safe while using the site.

7. Locanto

Millions of users are connected to Locanto as this platform is available throughout the world. Locanto is a renowned website that is accessible in several countries. More than 60 countries offer the availability of this leading confidential platform.

Categories like jobs, services, personals, community, etc. are available under Locanto to connect the users with the relevant people. Also, Locanto offers extreme security and privacy to the users and created an active blog where they provide instructions and support to the users.

Locanto can be considered as the most secure website with a noble reputation, for connecting people. This website is available in the mobile version also. Furthermore, this can be used as applications for android users and iPhone users.

8. PennySaver

PennySaver is also a classified website, but it especially meant for the local areas. Users of the local area can use this app for finding goods and services nearby in their local area. The users can post their ads under various categories available such as Food and Dining, Garage sales, Jobs, cars, pets, etc.

The PennySaver website is an older website as it is running for more than 50 years. This is the reason they are best in connecting the people with the buyers and sellers with the required goods and services. Furthermore, Pennysaver is very safe and secure for the users as it provides the ideas for dodging spams and scams.

9. Want Ad Digest

Want Ad Digest is a rising platform that is simple and easy to be used. As it is still a small platform, it is a way different from the Backpage website. However, Want Ad Digest will be closer to the level of the Backpage sooner.

Categories like Cars, Services, Farm Equipment, Boats, Personals, and other options are also available under this platform. Being a small platform, Want Ad Digest makes the ads visible to numerous relevant peoples. This enhances a lot of replies as the ads are displayed to the relevant users.

10. UK Classifieds

This platform is formed and based in the UK and covers almost 7, 40,000 as listings. UK Classifieds is famous in the UK. Under this platform, several categories are there. For example, Health and Beauty, Sports and Leisure, Property, Skills, and Services, etc. This platform is legally created and can be used for buying and selling almost all kinds of goods and services.

Among the categories offered under this platform, the famous and renowned categories are Personal Services, Friendship/ Companionship, Escort services, etc. It can be considered as the best replacement for websites like Backpage.

11. City News

City News is a renowned platform for buying and selling of goods and services. It is available in various countries like the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and various regions of Asia. This platform offers its users to post their ads under specific categories so that their ad reaches to the most genuine region as well as the ideal users.

It is the oldest platform running since 1998. Hence, it is one of the famous and popular websites running. Categories under City News include Jobs, Business, Hobbies, Opportunities, Personal Services, and other services similar to it. The users can post their Ads freely on this platform to connect with similar minded people. Furthermore, this platform is safe and tries to reduce the spams and scams at its lowest.

12. Geebo

This platform came into existence in the year 1999, and it is famous for offering the service of posting best Classified Ads. Though Geebo is available throughout the world, many ads are created in the US. The Geebo also provides various categories similar to the other websites mentioned in this article.

The categories that can be used by the users for their benefits are Vehicles, Real Estate, Employment, Construction, etc. Geebo allows the ads which are accepted by society without any conflicts. Also, the platform tries to reduce the scams and eradicate the spams.

13. Kijiji

Kijiji is also an alternative for other classified platforms such as Craigslist personals and Backpage. It is a very popular platform for posting classified ads. Kijiji is mainly based in Canada but used by several people of some other communities like Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Nova, etc.

This platform is very famous in Canada for classified and millions of live ads. According to the company’s statement, the website covers two ads in every second, and this makes the platform to be a successful one.

The company established this website in the year 2005 and covered almost 100 communities. Mostly the Canadian people can use this website for connecting with their local peoples.


This platform is already well- known to the users and is very popular among its users. The reason behind its popularity is its rare and thoughtful mechanisms. The sequence and other aspects are still similar for posting the ads. The ads can be posted in different fields as per the interest of the users. No matter whether the ads is regarding the goods or services.

The Google privacy policy has synchronized the website, which makes the users believe about its security. This platform provides service 24/7. Also, due to its high-security reasons, the company only provides the data to the users who are engaged in transport businesses for shipping. The information will not be displayed to any other person involved.

15. Chatville

Chatville is different from classified sites such as Craigslist personals and Backpage. This website is available for adult users who are above 18 years to connect with similar age group people for adult chats. This website is generally used for making new friends and connecting with different people throughout the world. Also, this platform offers the users to the webcams so that they can be visible to each other while chatting.

Four users can communicate at the same time by using this platform. This helps the users to create new bonds and to enhance new friendships and relationships. This platform is one of those classified sites which provide its users to post their ads to connect with the peoples.


Summing Up

We have discussed 15 different alternatives to the Backpage website. All these sites like Backpage perform the same function as Backpage. You can use any of the above-mentioned platforms for buying and selling goods and services. All these alternatives to Backpage are safe and secure. You will not have any issues regarding these platforms.