Most personal computer users are not conscious when it comes to data protection. When your computer gets a virus attack or a hard disk failure, if you do not have a backup, you will get stuck. Having proper Backup Software can make a big difference. There are many online backup solutions that are available at no cost.

Best Free Backup Software for Windows


5 Best Free Backup Software for Windows in 2024

Writezillas experts know what is the cost of last-minute missed document, so they made a research to choose the best free backup software. Your documents and photos will be safe.

It is advisable to have reliable backup software in your computer instead of online backup solutions such as the cloud. This is because these Backup Software solutions synchronized data from all your devices. When you delete a file from a device, synchronizing will delete that file on the cloud and all devices. Backing up data means retaining the data no matter what is happening to it on other platforms or devices.

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1. Acronis True Image

This is an advanced backup software for Windows. It has a secure backup system through Artificial Intelligence and other advanced features. Unlike most backup software, Acronis has both local and cloud storage.

Best Free Backup Software for Windows - Acronis True Image

The software allows you to mirror system images, create recovery disks, clone entire disks to removable storage, and more. It also comes with full, differential, and incremental backup systems. Also, it comes with cyber protection against ransomware, crypto-jacking, and malware.

2. Macrium Reflect

It is one of the most popular backup software for Windows. It has many features, making it a good choice to install. Although it is a little complex to use as it is professional-oriented, general users can benefit for this software.

Free Backup Software - Macrium Reflect

Its free version comes with full and differential back systems that offer scheduled backups. Differential back up take less time and occupies less space on your PC

3. EaseUs Todo Backup

EaseUs Todo Backup contains numerous helpful features. It is user-friendly, making it popular with many users. It has full, differential a, incremental backup systems. The imaging option allows you to create a Linux-based boot disk in the event of disk failure.

EaseUs Todo Backup

The software performs a weekly full backup and a differential backup every 30 minutes, although users can create a backup at anytime. The software allows you to encrypt system images for increased security and compress them to occupy less space. An option for backing up your Android devices is available.

4. Paragon Backup and Recovery Free

paragon backup recovery software free

This is a stand-alone free backup software. It can create backups for your complete Windows OS, selected partitions or individual files. You can restore data in WinPE, making loss of data after hard disk failure a thing of the past. Because it is easy to install and use, the software has over six million users worldwide.

5. Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows Free

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows Free - Best Backup Software for Windows

Unlike most backup software that are for home use, this free backup software features solutions that are for enterprises. It is easy to use and you can create a task for a drive or full system backup within seconds. You can use this software for Windows server since it supports Windows Server 2016. Also, it is the best backup solution for servers that use Hyper-V and VMware.

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Summing Up

It is important to backup your data at all costs. Guarding data against malware, ransomware, theft, human error, and natural disasters, is crucial. Ensure you have the best backup software that is available for free on the internet.