Bella Thorne, like many modern A-listers, got her start on Disney Channel (co-starring with Zendaya in Shake It Up) before forging a successful career in Hollywood as an actress, singer, model, and director in her own right.


Bella Thorne

The actress has made headlines in recent years for venturing into pornographic film production and creating other racy content, such as music videos and social media posts. Thorne has addressed the frequent sexism and controversy surrounding her by speaking frankly about it.

Bella Thorne People Call Me Controversial Because Im a Woman

Bella Thorne’s Work

Bella Thorne’s work over the past few years has definitely been innovative. A popular figure since joining OnlyFans, the actress has also directed an adult film and collaborated with porn stars in highly suggestive music videos. Here’s how she’s handling the recent criticism that she’s “controversial”.

The actor makes a compelling case on Hollywood’s different standards for men and women in an interview with The Daily Beast. The actress/objectives singer’s derive from making more sex-positive video starring women, but she isn’t opposed to releasing more graphic content.

It’s possible that her experiences and the online criticism she received are representative of a wider issue: the way in which women are shamed for not only being themselves but also for owning their sexualities in ways that are meaningful to them. Continuing, she said.

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Actress Created History When She Earned $1 Million

In 2020, the actress created history when she earned $1 million within the first 24 hours of joining OnlyFans. However, the app’s content that she posted sparked criticism. Even more so, some people accused Thorne for being a part of the decision by OnlyFans to impose restrictions on the app, which ultimately had a detrimental impact on the charge rate of sex workers on the site.

The firm explained the move was “not based on any one user” and was made to “help prevent overspending and to allow our users to continue to use the site safely,” as reported by Mashable.

Thorne and Benjamin

As of early 2021, after over two years together, Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo were engaged. Bella Thorne, who recently turned 24 years old, is juggling multiple projects, including major roles in upcoming films like the horror picture Rumble Through the Dark (co-starring Aaron Eckhart) and the science fiction drama The Uncanny.

She’s expressed willingness to play Deadpool’s love interest if Marvel’s casting needs include a female lead.

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Last Words

Thorne has attracted a sizable following because he is accomplishing what few others would dare to try. We look forward to what she accomplishes next, and her recent comments provide fuel for thought on the sexist biases that exist in our society.