Want another season packed with drama and the revelation of shocking revelations and shocking betrayals? Here you will find complete details on Blood and Treasure Season 2.

Action-adventure drama series Blood and Treasure chronicles the lives of a specialist in ancient artefacts and a skilled thief as they work together to apprehend a dangerous terrorist who finances his attacks with looted artefacts.

Blood and Treasure Season 2 Release Date

Surprisingly, as they make their way through the perilous trek to pursue their target, they find themselves in the heart of a two thousand year old fight over the birthplace of civilization.

Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, along with Taylor Elmore, Ben Silverman, Marc Webb, and Mark Vlasic, serve as showrunners, writers, and executive producers for the series they created.

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The series debuted on CBS on May 21, 2019, to positive reviews from adventure fans. There has been no word on the show’s return since June 2019, when it was renewed for a second season.

New and exciting details about Season 2 of Blood and Treasure have emerged, and if you’re a real fan of the show, you’re going to be pleasantly delighted.

Information on Season 2 of Blood and Treasure is provided below.


When Will Season 2 of “Blood and Treasure” Be Available?

According to TVLine’s reporting, the second season of the action-adventure drama will premiere on Paramount+ on July 17 and then air weekly on Sundays.

Outline for Season 2 of “Blood and Treasure”

As Season 1 left off on a cliffhanger, Season 2 will hopefully continue the plot by explaining what happened. Having returned at the end of Season 1, Queen brings with her fresh threats.

With the advent of the queen, Danny’s life will take a dramatic shift, and the upcoming season will follow his struggles to adapt to this new reality. A former FBI agent, he plays a pivotal role in the plot.

A brilliant antiquities expert and an art thief team up to find a brutal terrorist who funds his attacks with stolen wealth and treasure.

They stumble onto a 2,000-year-old conflict over the origins of civilisation as they try to reach their destination. We can’t wait to see what the characters get into next, and how they deal with the challenges they face on the route to achieving their goals.

The Stars of Season 2 of “Blood and Treasure”

The second season of Blood and Treasure will most likely feature returns from the following main characters:

  • Starring Matt Barr as Danny McNamara
  • Actor James Callis as Simon Hardwick
  • Aiden Shaw, played by Michael James Shaw
  • Starring Alicia Coppola as Dr. Ana Castillo
  • As Father Chuck, played by Mark Gagliardi
  • As Karim Farouk, Oded Fehr
  • Gwen Karlsson, portrayed by Katia Winter
  • Lexi Vaziri, played by Sofia Pernas

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Blood and Treasure Season 2: How Many Episodes?

According to TVLine, Season 2 of Blood and Treasure will have 13 episodes total, with the first two airing on July 17 and the rest airing weekly on Sundays.

In Which Theatres can I View Blood and Treasure?

Blood and Treasure is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and on DVD through Paramount.