It’s been 19 years since World of Warcraft became a household brand and gave MMORPG a boost. Many of the principles and concepts established in WoW Classic are still used in games today.

Blizzard has built servers and reinstated the old vanilla version of World of Warcraft for users to enjoy the game to the fullest. A few things have changed, but some of the old gameplay tips and tricks remain the same and may save gamers a lot of time and effort.

So whether you’re a seasoned WoW veteran or a newcomer to the game, here are five tricks to help you bring your gameplay to a whole new level. Let’s dig deeper.

Boost Your Gameplay at Wow Classic


Continue Your Quest

Going on quests is the best way to acquire experience rapidly. Grinding monsters can help now and again. But if you want to level quickly, solve other people’s concerns. In addition to being the quickest way to level, quests offer many other advantages that grinding or farming do not.

Unique gear, loads of wealth, and the chance to meet new people. Just be mindful of lengthy lines for some quest-related monster spawning.

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Get Rested Experience

Another thing you may do to improve your gameplay is to acquire Rested Experience every time it is possible. When your character is in an inn, it begins to acquire Rested Experience.

This is a minor experience gain that, when completed, doubles the amount of experience gained by slaughtering foes. Making it a habit to return to an inn before you log out for the day ensures you’ll have that experience bump the following time you log on.

Maintain a Balanced Weapon Proficiency

Weapon Proficiency is a particular skill related to each weapon in the game. This measures your character’s proficiency with any specific weapon depending on how long they’ve been using it.

It is strongly advised that you become a pro in using a single weapon while balancing your other skills. This is because if you earn the game’s greatest axe but lack expertise, the axe will be essentially worthless.

That’s why it is critically important to polish your skills in using one weapon, but be prepared to utilize others if you come into a powerful epic.

Set up Money for a Mount

Gold is the game’s king, and it’s challenging to collect. Enemy drops are short on gold, and many items are pricey. When you reach the level of 40, you will have access to the game’s mounts – creatures you can ride to increase your movement speed, saving you time and speeding up quest grinding.

Having one is in your best interests, but you should know that they’re expensive. The talent itself costs 100 gold and increasing it to 60 costs a thousand. This is a ton of currency that demands a lot of grinding in WoW Classic.

So cut back on your spending and start saving. Alternatively, you can also buy WoW Classic gold at different marketplaces and keep your bags full.

Purchase Bags

Increase the quantity of storage you have for hauling objects you find to speed up your gold-making process. Classic is limited with inventory space, and you’ll need as many squares as you can acquire because each item you pick up generates currency.

Therefore, it is a smart move to purchase bags to expand your storage space. They just cost a few silver dollars and will rapidly pay for themselves. Make a practice of saving money for bag upgrades, and you’ll be on your way to riding a ride one day.

 Boost Your Gameplay at Wow Classic

Get the First Aid Certificate

This is especially important for those transitioning from the current version of the game to WoW Classic. Your character’s health pool is tiny, and it takes a long time to renew it. Life regeneration is rare in this game, and you’ll frequently find yourself running on low.

Ensure that you receive the First Aid certification and begin storing linen for bandages. This will allow you to recover your health pool quickly and save you a lot of gold in the long run.

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Make 40 Friends

This is most likely the most vital thing to remember when playing WoW Classic. The majority of your endgame time will be spent on raids for epics, and the larger raids will take 40 party members to accomplish.

That’s 40 people who must apply for a raid, stick to their commitments, and follow through throughout the raid. This is virtually impossible to achieve the mission with strangers. So joining a guild and making friends with at least 40 individuals you can trust will save you a lot of time.