One of humanity’s most reliable inventions is the clock. Now that smartphones like the iPhone and Android have become widespread, the built-in clock utilities on these platforms have improved significantly to accommodate a wide variety of alarm configurations.

An alarm on an Android or iPhone may be set accidentally, and the user may later wish to remove it.


Method 1: Handle Your Alarms With Your Android Device

Cancel All Alarms

There are three primary reasons why an Android user might want to disable or remove an alarm:

The Android Alarm Clock: Cancel or Ignore It

There are three distinct scenarios in which you may need to cancel or ignore an alarm on your Android device.

Ahead of the Morning Alarm

If the alarm hasn’t gone off yet,

Step 1: The alarm may be found in the Clock app, which you should launch.

Step 2: Put its switch in the “off” position and you’re done.

A notification labelled Upcoming Alarm may also appear in the system’s notification area if the alarm’s scheduled start time is approaching.

If that’s the case, you can silence that notification by pressing the Dismiss button right now. However, the next day, you must remember to turn on the alarm again.

When the Morning Alarm Goes Off

When the alarm goes off, you should:

Simply by selecting Stop or Dismiss from the menu, you can silence the notification. If you see the option to “Slide to Turn Off Alarm,” as some users may, simply do that.

After I Hit the Snooze Button

In most cases, at least one of the alarms is intended to rouse the user from sleep; however, a drowsy user may press the snooze button instead of the stop button, setting the alarm to go off at a later time than intended (5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.).

When this occurs, and the user wishes to get rid of the snoozed alarm, the following steps must be taken:

Step 1: If you swipe your screen either up or down, you’ll get your phone’s notification menu.

Step 2: An alert that reads “Alarm” might now appear (Snoozed). If so, you can silence the alert by tapping that icon or the Dismiss notification.

Step 3: If there is nothing in the tray, you can check the time by using the Clock app.

Step 4: Just find the alarm’s off switch and flip it to silence it (as discussed earlier). It’s possible that you’ll have to turn it on tomorrow (if required).

How to Turn Off an Alarm on an Android

If a user no longer needs a certain alarm, he can remove it by following these procedures:

Step 1: Launch Clock and press and hold the alarm button.

Step 2: To disable an alarm, find it in the resultant menu, and then press the minus sign (or Delete) button.

How to Mass-Delete Alarms on an Android Device

While the aforementioned procedure can be used to remove all alarms from Clock, it may become tedious for those with 50 or more alerts. The following procedures may be useful in such a situation:

Step 1: Verify that a Select All option appears when you go to delete an alarm. Doing a “select all” and “delete” to get rid of all the alerts at once should work.

Step 2: If it doesn’t work, go to your Android phone’s Settings > Apps menu.

Step 3: Follow this by clicking Clock and then Storage.

Step 4: Then, tap the Clear Storage or Clear Data button after pressing the Clear Cache button.

Step 5: Once you verify the deletion of the Clock’s data, all of the alarms will be removed from the Android device at once.