When the first half of Clayton Echards’s Bachelor: The Finale wasn’t quite dramatic enough, he added some additional Bachelor Theatre. Cassie Randolph, the former girlfriend of Colton Underwood and the winner of The Bachelor, sat in the live studio audience with presenter Jesse Palmer and other alums to discuss the episode, during which she threw a small shadow on her ex-boyfriend.

Cassie Randolph Says She has Deja Vu Watching Clayton ...

Cassie, who was sitting between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Rodney Matthews, was asked for her thoughts on the “deja vu” experience current contestant Susie experienced while watching this season.

Susie’s departure “sort of indicates that she really followed her intuition and was right — as hard as it was, she had to go,” she said.

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Cassie was a Participant on Colton’s Season 23 of The Bachelor

If you need a refresher, Cassie was a participant on Colton’s season 23 of The Bachelor, and the two split up before getting back together in the finale. They didn’t get engaged on the show, but they kept seeing each other afterward and were together until May of 2020. Fans were hoping for a peaceful breakup, but three months later she filed for a restraining order against him. Nearly a year after the breakup, when Colton came out as homosexual, he still couldn’t stop talking about the split when promoting his Netflix docuseries Coming Out Colton.

So, how do they relate to the season finale that aired last night? Oh, susies, Bachelor Having dumped Clayton at the Fantasy Suites, the trek back was remarkably similar for Cassie. Her future is uncertain; she can choose to follow in Cassie’s footsteps and spend the season with the main man, or she can go her own way and abandon him.

Whether it’s pressure from him to have a relationship, pressure to give the show a happy ending, or pressure because she wanted to find something when she first got into the programme, I hope she doesn’t feel any of that when he goes back [to collect her], which is quite likely he will.

She said to Jesse, “I Really Hope she Trusts her Gut.”

Fans of “The Bachelorette” were taken aback by her performance in the season finale, but Colton said on the “iHeart Radio Almost Famous Podcast” that he had been informed about his ex’s return to the franchise and thus was not surprised.

The producer that texted me was just trying to be cautious, which they have absolutely no need to do. Still, I found it to be really helpful.

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Last Words

I have no say in what she says or does, so I always know what she’s going to say before she even says it. He went on to say, “That’s all she has to do.”

Will Susie listen to Cassie’s recommendation and make the right choice? The only way for fans to find out is to tune in.