Eight prospective engaged couples were featured on the Netflix episode. One partner issues an ultimatum, prompting the other to enter into a three-week “trial marriage” with a co-star.

They move in with their first significant other for three weeks and then must decide whether to continue their relationship and become engaged, go their separate ways, or pursue their trial marriage partner.

Cast of the Ultimatum Marry or Move on April

For one of the few couples, Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger received the Ultimatum from the male. In the shocking April 2022 series finale, the couple not only proposed to each other, but also tied the wedding.

“We had a long conversation after filming wrapped. When we got married, we didn’t keep any secrets, Madlyn told Us Weekly in March of 2022. Consequently, it’s hard to say whether or not we were taken aback by anything when we watched it back.

It was more the things that were included that caught us off guard than the things that were omitted. It exceeded our expectations in every way.

Colby assured Us that if Madlyn accepted his proposal, they would be able to get married right away.

In Netflix’s newest reality dating series, The Ultimatum, couples face a major decision: should they get married? What about a breakup? Also, why not try exchanging partners for a bit so that everyone can work out their differences?

If you’re thinking that seems chaotic, you’d be right. April Marie and Jake Cunningham, like many of the couples this season, have a difficult time of it. Is April still seeing Jake? Or is this a final separation? Let’s look into this.


Just Who are April Marie and Jake Cunningham, Anyway?

When we first meet them, April has already given Jake the final warning. Jake served in both the Army and the Marines, and he claims he wants to improve his financial situation before settling down.

He is also resentful that he was invited to The Ultimatum. April, meantime, has always hoped to become a mother and believes this would be a turning point in their lives.

What Exactly Happened on “The Ultimatum?”

Jake and Rae Williams hit it off immediately during the “dating” phase of The Ultimatum, where the couples spend a week getting to know each other and the other cast members.

As the only two persons left without a trial-marriage partner, April and Colby Kissinger are coupled automatically. As the episode progresses, April and Colby develop a sweet connection and even share a kiss (spoiler alert!). However, the chemistry and romantic sentiments between Jake and Rae were much greater and the source of much turmoil.

As the season finale approaches, it is uncertain how things will play out; April has not backed down from her desire to marry Jake, but he seems torn between proposing to April, leaving with Rae, and forgetting both April and Rae.

Is April Still Seeing Jake?

We won’t know for sure if April and Jake are together or not until the finale and reunion air on Wednesday, April 13. Not only do they not show on each other’s Instagram accounts, but the biggest giveaway is that they both have “single” as their relationship status on Facebook.

Perhaps the most pressing query is whether or not Jake and Rae are still a couple. Don’t worry, we’ll revise this article following the series’ conclusion.