In the Chicago Fire season 10 finale, that sound you hear is the wedding bells finally ringing. The path to the altar was not smooth sailing for Severide and Stella, and it’s possible that their honeymoon will not be either.

So, to begin at the very start: There is a grand jury proceeding, and Severide has been called to testify against Campbell. The firefighter arrives to testify and spots one of Campbell’s guys brandishing a knife. After a brief argument, Severide kicks his opponent—to his death—out of a window.

Chicago Fire Finale Recap Wedded Bliss And Danger Plus

Everyone convinces Severide that he acted in self-defense when he killed a man, but he clearly feels otherwise. Officials told Severide that Campbell had departed Chicago after striking a firefighter in front of witnesses. Well, that’s encouraging, isn’t it? stop right there…

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Wedding Day

Meanwhile, Casey and Brett have returned to town for a wedding, and Severide and Stella’s wedding day is rapidly approaching. Best Man has a hard time believing that Severide is truly getting married. It’s something about Stella’s birth that has made Severide a better person, he says to his friend.

In response, Severide says that, ever since he left, the firehouse has changed and will never be the same. The planned wedding site falls through at the last minute, but luckily Casey locates a boat and a captain willing to perform the ceremony on board.

Video Chat From Severide’s Mother

A video chat from Severide’s mother, who had planned to surprise her with a surprise visit before the wedding but whose flight was delayed, is another wonderful surprise she receives in the days leading up to the big day. He has come to accept the notion that one or more of the Severide men are about to tie the knot.

Stella tells Bowden that he is like a father to her and that he should escort her down the aisle. (Sniff!) Vows are then exchanged between the bride and groom. To put it plainly, I believe in magic because of you. You always cheer me up when I’m feeling down. Stella says, “You’re always by my side.”

In order to be with you, Severide says, “I decided a long time ago that I needed to be worthy of you,” which at the time seemed unattainable. You took the time to get to know the really me, and yet, by some miracle, you still love me. It’s possible, Stella, that I’ll never measure up to your standards, but I swear I’ll spend the rest of my life trying. Time I’ll be spending doing

Thankfully, Commitment Phobes are no Longer Among Us.

An unidentified truck appears as they reach Severide’s cabin for some alone time, and you know immediately that something bad is going to happen.

Brett and Casey (kind of) confront their uncertain future during the wedding. If only she could stay in Portland with him, he’d be happy. That’s where he wants to be, he tells Violet, raising a family while battling wildfires. But now, Brett is back in Chicago for real.

This is where he will spend the rest of his life. And how much longer can we maintain it than that? Bret is perplexed, and Casey just says, “I don’t know. But at least tonight we’re all here.”

The struggle against Emma persists in other fronts. Hawkins has now reached his breaking point, and he offers to bear the hit for everyone. In the meantime, Violet warns Emma that if she steps into Violet’s role, the entire group of 51 will follow her. It doesn’t matter if the guy next to you likes you or not, Emma recalls her father saying in the service. War creates an instant bond between strangers.

But you have to keep fighting to achieve that, which Emma doesn’t do. She abandons Bolt, Violet, and a woman who is giving birth in the midst of a rescue mission as the building they are in burns to the ground. Hawkins is swayed by Emma’s threats and tells her to clean out her locker now that the rest of the firehouse knows the truth about her.

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Last Words

Although Emma has been defeated, she must have done some serious harm to Violet and Hawkins’ friendship during the fight.

She initially rejects his calls, but later opens up to Ritter about how she wishes he had helped her more. We assume that the exchange of glances between Violet and Gallo is related to her recent realisation that dating her employer was a mistake.

When the time was right, Casey presented Gallo with his prized axe for a fleeting but touching moment. If he is unable to be at the truck himself, he is relieved to know that someone he can trust, Gallo, will be there. As a result, he informs Gallo that he is now considered an elder statesman.