Most of the websites we use are not legal; the same goes for CouchTuner. It is popular for watching shows in HD quality, and it does not leak any private information, and you can watch shows without paying any money.

To be a movie buff is quite difficult because finding movies and shows with amazing storylines is not a simple task, and if you’re able to find amazing content to watch, it not free of charge. You have to pay some membership fees to watch the content, and at times, it not possible to pay money to watch shows and movies.

So, in this case, we need a website that will permit us to watch movies and shows for free of charge and provide different shows and movies. For a great period of time, CouchTuner was the website for streaming free movies and shows.


Even then, without any warning or explanation, Couchtuner often eliminates the story titles. But due to some problem, the is not working so we will have a look for some alternative which will help us watch movies without any charge.

15 Best Sites Like CouchTuner

There is no tension if one website does not work. There are many other streaming websites where you can enjoy the same content so, here is the alternative which you might enjoy-

1. CafeMovie

For those looking for a decent alternative to CouchTuner, the next best choice is Cafe Movie. The platform has outstanding movie and TV series lists. Many genres are included in one spot, and they are well organized. You can watch a movie free of cost. You have to put your details to log in. After that only you will be able to watch movies. You can also watch HD-format movies and TV shows. The platform is not free from advertising like all the other sites. Users have to watch plenty of advertisements during the movie. Legally, Cafe Movie is protected, so you can’t expect to see pirated content.

2. Solarmovie

SolarMovie has lots of movies that can’t be skipped, making it close to another movie website. If you belong to these areas of the globe, such as Asia, Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, France, India, or the UK, you can always opt to go to their country section. In addition to the film, it also offers you genre for TV shows and shows.

3. 123Movies

It is one of the popular streaming websites for movies and shows; when you open the website you will get different option to select from, options are like what you want to watch, which are the latest movies, the genres, the television show and which show and movies has the highest IMDb ratings. The layout is simple and well organized without any complications. They have a different variety of options, and it totally depends on the user they want to select.

4. StreamLikers

An excellent alternative to CouchTuner is StreamLikers. The web is free to access, except for watching certain collections of films. Without paying any money for your membership, you can watch movies or TV series of your interest. The website is rather well built. The movies and shows are well organized, and the layout is simple to follow. From this website, you can choose your favorite genre to watch.

This website provides you all the information about the shows you have to watch. Click on the shows you want to watch. All the other important information will be provided to you, such as IMDb ratings, the duration, and the casting. You can watch shows online, and you have also had the option to download shows and movies to watch in your free time.

5. Putlocker

For free, stream your favorite movies. Putlocker is a common streaming platform for movies that give you access to high-quality movies at no cost. Thousands of movies are updated daily with new content. All the films contain Action, Adventure, Humorous, Horror, Animated, and Family, etc.

Each category has its movie and shows, which you can watch online. In putlocker, there is a text box where you can easily search your favorite movie name, and in just a second, you will get your answer. Putlocker is easy to use, and its layout is quite simple to follow.

You can use putlocker without logging or registering your information. It is free to use without any hassle you will get lots of movies and shows options. The genre is well-organized so, it becomes to choose your movies. This website is daily updated with new movies and shows, and the quality of the movies is in HD.

If you are confused while selecting a movie or shows, then putlocker is the best option for you because you will find every movie in one place, and there is a search box, so it becomes quite easy to find your favorite movies.

6. Rainierland

The Rainierland website is also very famous for watching movies, Television shows. You can get information about that movie with each movie page, such as the year of launch, the language used in that movie, the runtime of the movie, the actors in that movie along with their pictures, etc. Another feature that makes this website unique is that it also gives users the choice to watch videos online and download the videos.

7. 1Channel

1Channel -It is a good substitute to CouchTuner, even though 1Channel is not a safe website. It has a good collection of movies. Besides, this website is not for the beginner. There are only two main categories that are used to google. This website is free to use, but you have to put your information so you can log in, and after that, you can stream videos.

To look for movies, you have to rely on a search engine. Watching movies is not simple because every time you stream movies, advertisements pop up on the screen and create a problem. If you are sure what you are looking for, then only you should stream this website.

8. Vodly Movies

The platform has one of the finest filters, in addition to a large range of movies and TV shows. There are vast ranges of choices in the genre tab, so you can easily pick any movie or TV serial.

So, to find a movie with your favorite star, you don’t have to look for different genres. You can search for them, and their movie will pop up on your screen. This website is free to use, and you don’t sign up to watch shows and movies.

9. Los Movies

If you compare it with several other online movie websites, Los Movies has a rather different layout. When you select a movie from this site that you want to watch, it will land you on a different tab.

It will offer you plenty of server options on that tab to watch that specific movie. When you open the home page, you will get an option to select from the latest movie to popular movies, and you can also watch movies with subtitles.

10. Snagfilms

If you love to watch old movies, SnagFilms is pretty much the perfect choice for you since it has such a massive collection of old movies. The movie archive is packed with all the iconic old movies you can’t miss at all.

So, unlike most movies streaming sites nowadays that pay attention to their new movies section, this site is focused on delivering old movies, another component that makes this site special is that all the old movies mentioned on SnagFilms are confirmed, implying they will always be available on the same domain. You don’t have to worry about finding mirror sites at all.

11. CoolMoviezone

Not only does Coolmoviezone stream movies online for free, but you can even download free movies from here. With this online streaming platform, one disadvantage I found is that this doesn’t include shows. You can watch movies in HD.

There is an advantage which I liked a lot that there was no advertisement on this website when I was watching videos there was no pop up on the screen. This site will get more popular in the future with its simple and tidy layout and fast loading.

12. MovieNinja

Then we move to the second one, which is MovieNinja. This website is a great alternative to CouchTuner. But there is a little bit of difference before starting you have to register yourself then only this website will allow you to download movies, in this site you can also watch movies online. Still, the only thing that is a must for this website is registering yourself to enjoy your favorite movie in any form. They have lots of great movies which you can watch or download in your free time.

13. Vumoo

The website has a huge collection of movies and shows, which you can watch in your free time. This website provides you the option to download your favorite shows and movies directly to your pc. Vumoo is a free website where you don’t need to log in.

You can search for the website and put your favorites shows in the search engine, and the result will be in front of your screen. It does not produce its own shows, so it is connected with the third party. The website keeps updating and adding new movies to their list, and it is very organized and fast.

14. AZMovies

Azmovies let you watch movie and shows in amazing quality. You can stream films and TV shows in high-quality HD with AZMovies. This website provides you various links to stream videos. You do not need to build an account to watch movies and TV shows on AZMovies. Plus, if you’re someone who likes watching material from the 70s and 80s, then this streaming platform is sure to be the best bet.

15. TinklePad

TinklePad is quite similar to the websites which are mentioned in this article. This website also has a great collection of movies and shows. It is well organized and updated. The movie is easy to find. Here you can stream movies in HD and can also download them in HD directly on your PC. The layout is attractive, and it gives tough competition to other alternative websites.

Final Words

These are some CouchTuner alternatives that you can use. If one site is not working, you have other sites where you can stream movies and shows for free; some websites may ask you to register yourself. They let you watch a movie in HD, and they have a great collection of movies, and this website keeps on updating their websites with the new collection.