Video games are a great way to unwind for the vast majority of us. Anime characters, on the other hand, aren’t always afforded the same luxuries.

Whenever a video game is used as the series’ primary location or driving plot element, you can know there will be a catch.

For example, the series’s namesake game, Sword Art Online, can appear to be a lot of fun until the player discovers that losing means permanent death in real life.

Darwin's Game Season 2 Release Date

The smartphone game featured in the Netflix anime “Darwin’s Game” is similar in that it is set in the real world and its primary goal appears to be the murder of players.

The show has been picked up by Netflix, so here is all we know about a possible second season of “Darwin’s Game.”

Season 2 of Darwin’s Game has not yet been Confirmed.

Studio Nexus has not yet commented on whether or not there will be a Season 2 of “Darwin’s Game.” After its original 2020 spring airing, nothing further has been heard about the show.

In that same year, Netflix decided to add the show to its streaming library. As to whether or not it has increased the show’s popularity to the point that Studio Nexus will greenlight a second season, we have no information.

Darwin’s Game (the in-universe software, not the anime) has a fairly straightforward idea. Once a player registers, they are given a unique “Sigil.”

They have something no one other has, a special ability that will help them succeed. Finding other players and killing them off is the point of the game. Forcing them to surrender is one option, but murder is often seen as the better one.

Kaname Sudou, the protagonist, is trying to make a difference amidst all the violence and chaos, and he manages to emerge from Season 1 as one of the most mysterious rising stars in D-Game after his victory against the rival clan Eighth.

However, after eliminating the commander of the Eighth, Kaname is determined to track down D-game Game’s master and put an end to the violence once and for all. Because of his and the Sunset Ravens’ increased power, they have recently banned D-Game activity within their area.