Demonoid was user-friendly, and it was widely popular worldwide. Its layout was very attractive and the featured were simple to use.

But from the start, the websites faced some problem. They changed the domain name and added me in Demonoid to avoid any complications.

Since then, changes keep happening but still, the websites were facing a problem, the serves most of the time used to be down. But the final straw came when the owner died and then the website finally shut down.

Many websites tried to copy the layout and name but still, they could not survive and they all got shut down. After few trials, there were few websites that were the same as Demonoid but a little bit different was still there because it was not the same website it is a copy website which has been made after the original was closed down and no one could use it.


Is Demonoid Safe?

IT is a safe and secure website. It does not require your personal information for registration so you can easily provide any id without thinking about getting hack.

It is very safe to use because it does not allow any kinds of stuff which children cant see. Demonoid is a family website, all ages of people can visit this website and can enjoy their shows.

What Is a Torrent?

Torrent is an application where you can download your favorite songs, movies, games, and series without any problem.

It can be used for many other things but people usually used it so they can directly download their favorite movie from these sites, it will easily appear in this application. It is a very popular and widely used application.

Is Torrent Legal?

It is illegal because torrent is used to download files such as movies and games directly from websites. which do not give any benefit to the owner and the files are downloaded without the consent of the owner so it becomes illegal, but it is not like torrent is the only one that is illegal it goes for other websites also, half of the websites are illegal because it does not any benefit to the users.

9 Best Demonoid Alternatives

In this article we will briefly discuss what is Demonoid and what are the alternative of it, in this article, I have elaborated on which one is the best to use.

Below are some alternatives of Demonoid –

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is worldwide famous. This website provides you everything you want in a single place. Websites are well organized and easy to use.

While opening the website you will find different categories and a search option box from there you can search your things and it will take only two seconds to appear on your screens.

The website is fast and the layout attracts lots of people. You can find many things such as- any application, videos, games, and others.

It is free of cost and the best thing will be to download your favorites shows or application and watch it later without any disturbance. This website is easy to locate.

2. LimeTorrents

It is a great website to use as an alternative if one of your favorites Torrent is website is down, lime torrents is the best alternative to use. It has huge collection of movies and the owner keep on updating the list and keep on adding different category and genre to make it more useful for the users to download and use the websites.

If you are looking for some classic movies and shows then this website is not for you. This website provides you all the latest movies and shows and they have designed the layout in such a way that it becomes very easy for the user to use and they don’t face any hassle in using this website.

The movies are well organized with the date of launch, it becomes easy to find the movies you want to watch. You can use this website in some countries only where the lime torrents websites are not blocked.


This website has an easy layout, which you can follow. They have large varieties of movies divided into different categories such as top movies or different series -so it will become easy for an individual to locate their favorite movies and shows. RARBG is one of the best free downloadable sites for torrents, videos, games, and music.

You will find different folders and links to open the file in the websites. But sometimes it becomes difficult to access this website because it starts causing some problems while operating the websites.

It is difficult to access RARBG in some countries, it has been blocked and some countries still have access to it.

4. Torlock

This website is not that popular as Demonoid alternative, one of the main reasons for that is this website is quite new and not many people have got a hold on it, it will take some time for people to get habituated to these websites then only it will be able to gain profit.

This website is secured and automatically banned the fake notification and advertisements if it keeps on going like these with the privacy factor it will soon become very popular. It has a search box where you can find your favorites movies without wasting any time.

5. Isohunt

A few years back it was also one of the most popular websites but it was taken down in ‘2013’. But after the websites got shut down many fake websites were made you can easily find, they are similar in looking and that was their main focus to make it look similar so, people who don’t know that the websites have been shut down can easily the duplicate websites.

These websites duplicate is quite popular on the internet because users are watching movies and series from these sites.

6. 1337x

It is quite similar to pirate bay. These websites offer you mostly the same thing it can be more. These websites let you download your favorite shows movies, applications, songs, and other things that you like.

This website is also widely popular and it is very easy to use. When opening the website, you will find the search option and there you can easily search your favorites content which you want to watch, there are many options on this website you can watch shows and movies online and you can also download it.

I prefer to download it because it better to watch it without any disturbance because sometimes advertisements pop-ups or you go into third-party advertisements so it becomes difficult, I think it better to watch any movies after downloading it because b thing you can avoid the distraction.

But this site is very well organized and the layout is amazing. Websites are easy to find and user friendly.

7. Zooqle

If you are a fan of games and you like to play games then this website is for you. After Kickass torrent this website was known for gaming.

On this website, every game is uploaded and you can easily play those games. It is easy to find but sometimes the updating is a bit slow but the layout is quite catchy.

It has some great users who made this website worldwide popular, but not for the game this website is also known for watching shows and movies, on this website you will find a mixture of everything. It depends on you what attracts you the most and what you want to watch.

8. Seedpeer

It does not have lots of users it has a loyal fanbase user, not many people know about this website because it not that popular. But the websites are secured from threats and viruses so the people who know about these websites are loyal to these websites and preferred watching shows and movies on these websites.

These websites have a large collection of movies so you will be able to find different kinds of stuff in one place.


These are some alternatives that I think will be best for using after Demonoid. There are a total of nine websites that you can check, if one website is down you will have other eight options from where you can easily watch or download your shows.

These options are well searched and some of them are the best options, these websites are known for having a great collection and user-friendly layout.

The main thing anyone should not forget is to use VPN this service will protect your privacy and your computer from threats and viruses after installing VPN you can simply watch or download your shows without caring about your privacy because it is already secured and safe.

Using VPN at this time is a must due to everything becoming digitally, it is best to protect your information and your pc before something bad happens.

Hope you like the alternative and facts which I have stated with them, these are some facts which I believe so I have mentioned them in this article.