As a business owner, do you feel like most of your time spent on administrative tasks leaves you unproductive? It’s true that most entrepreneurs realise the bulk of their time wasted on endless emails, sending out daily schedules, monitoring timesheets, assigning tasks, and facing incidents caused by miscommunication.

Isn’t it great to work in an environment where one software will manage your day-to-day operations, which gives more time to focus on business growth – market research, product development, and strategic planning?

Deputy Software Will Build Your Business

Good news. There is a cloud-based software that can help you achieve this – Deputy software. Deputy will assist you in three areas e.g assigning tasks, scheduling, timesheets, and communicating with your staff.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Deputy Software.

4 Ways That Deputy Software Will Build Your Business

1. Helps With Staff Scheduling

One of the best features of the Deputy software is its ease in scheduling. In a few minutes, you can create a schedule for all staff, wherever their location, department, and whatever their role is.

Helps With Staff Scheduling

Likewise, you can note down holidays and leaves. The schedule can be shared with staff instantly through their desktop and mobile phone. Any changes to the timeline will alert them with a request for confirmation.

With this efficient scheduling feature, you will no longer be caught short-staffed. If anyone is sick, you can quickly check for a suitable replacement. Swapping of shifts is a common occurrence in the food service industry. However, popular restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King have successfully adopted Deputy for employee scheduling.

2. Create Accurate Timesheets

Timesheets are critical in creating accurate payroll and assessing the productivity of your staff. However, manually-prepared timesheets may be inaccurate. Moreover, manual timesheets cannot give you real-time access to employee attendance.

Create Accurate Timesheets

With Deputy software, its clock-in and clock-out process accurately records timesheets. Secondly, you can verify submitted timesheets with Deputy’s facial recognition and GPS location tools.

Third, managers will spend less admin work and more time attending to customer needs.With Deputy, it only takes a few clicks to approve timesheets, individually or in bulk.Plus, exporting the timesheets to your payroll software is a breeze.

3. Stay Connected With Your Staff

According to an article in Forbes magazine, employee engagement plays a crucial role in retaining your staff. Employees need recognition and regular feedback on their work contributions. More businesses are moving towards a collaborative mindset, wherein employees expect regular two-way communications with their bosses.

Stay Connected With Your Staff

Deputy software helps you achieve this. Its newsfeed feature allows you to release team announcements, share individual messages, and post files (PDFs, Images, Files) across all devices.

Deputy notifies you as soon as they have read your posts and attachments. Aside from being assured that your message was received, a written version lessens the possibility of miscommunication. The news-feed also allows employees to comment on your posts keeping the team connected and informed.

4. An Efficient Tool to Assign and Monitor Tasks

With the Deputy software, you can easily assign tasks to your team, whether it’s a one-time or a recurring job. Adding checklists and personal notes are useful references for both you and your staff. The software will show a dashboard where you can track due dates.

An Efficient Tool to Assign and Monitor Tasks

Upon completion of tasks, you can readily release new assignments, reducing slack time. One other great thing is that you have access across all your devices. So, even if you’re travelling or in a meeting, you will always have updated access to their progress.


With these time-saving features of the Deputy software, you’re in better control of your business. As an entrepreneur, this gives you more time to focus on more critical concerns.

Author – Alex Hales