Digital marketing has become an essential aspect of operations for businesses, especially in the digital world. Companies are investing in digital marketing more than ever. The market for digital marketing companies continues to rise. It explains why there are many such companies in existence. In addition to this, digital marketing tools have become essential for such companies. A digital marketing company must use online tools that provide insights regarding huge amounts of data. The data provides insights regarding customer behavior.

4 Essential Tools That Digital Marketing Companies Use

4 Essential Tools That Digital Marketing Companies Use

Here are a few tools that digital marketing companies should use.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a host of tools that provide insights regarding trends and customer behavior. From keyword research to placing Ads on various sites, it is a vital tool. It also offers a reporting tool that determines how customers interact with other sites and applications online. It visualizes this data into meaningful form.

You can access many of the features for free. However, for advanced tools, you have to pay.

2. Google Drive

There are various tools for managing and storing files and other documents. Google Drive is one of the oft-used platforms for sharing and storing files on the cloud. Moreover, it offers a limited amount of space for free. Also, you can view files on various devices.

Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides make it convenient to collaborate between team members. In addition to this, you can share files using Google Drive while maintaining administrative control. Moreover, you can choose to restrict or provide complete access to files.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a popular marketing tool that makes it easier to manage customers effectively. It gives a single platform to marketers to analyze their customer base. It automates processes and saves time. HubSpot provides insights regarding customer activity; hence, allowing you to convert leads into customers.

It also allows you to determine the interests of potential customers, so you have a higher conversion rate. For digital marketing, HubSpot offers unique insights and is a vital tool to help you formulate a marketing strategy.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo Digital Marketing Tool

BuzzSumo is an integral tool for content marketing, helping you to research your audience for better results. Marketers use BuzzSumo to help them optimize content for their audience. When formulating a content marketing strategy, BuzzSumo helps in keyword research. Keyword research is an integral aspect of content marketing. This tool allows you to determine which keywords have a high search volume.

In addition to this, it allows marketers to collect data and helps you visualize it. You can determine what content ranks high in the SERPs, so you can determine what your competitors are doing. With this tool, you also have data regarding social media engagement at your disposal.

BuzzSumo also allows you to track influencers and determine their engagement. It can help brands and companies reach more brand recognition. The tool also monitors trends that brands can utilize to help their brand grow.


These are some of the tools that are important for digital marketing. This list is not exhaustive because there are thousands of marketing tools that ease the task of marketers.