If you are a gamer, then you are possibly familiar with Discord. Most individuals enjoy taking part in games on-line particularly with their friends. Additionally to the present, they prefer to chat then you’ll begin discord. In such conditions, you will typically realize messages displayed as “Discord won’t Open“.

This would generally cause you to feel finite and annoyed however do not ever get panic. Therefore to beat this discord problem, we tend to progress to see the way to fix the Discord Won’t Open Error error. Discord gave the extensibility for developers and publishers that ran their own servers to complete their games through a frenzied store channel on their server, with Discord managing the payment process and distribution.

Though Discord allows such loads of exciting options, its users face “Discord will not Open” error time and once more. However, it can run, as will be tested from the task manager that shows discord.exe as going. It means perhaps its facing problems whereas work you in. regardless of the downside is also, the great half is that we’ve solutions for it.

Whereas Discord may be a very good communication app which will connect users around the world, it doesn’t avoid issues entirely, though its developer’s area unit operating exhausting to improve various problems.


What is Discord?

Discord is taken under concern one all told the first innovative and feature-packed communication internet Protocol application that is liberated to transfer and use. It is used by everybody recently for chatting functions. It suggests notable options like screen sharing, four-digit personal positive identification.

Discord options a Windows app out there for Windows users. Generally, it happens that the Windows Discord application doesn’t open for the users. Maybe this has been tested to possess necessary growth among users. In nearly every game you discover this discord serving to parents from time to time.

Therefore, each change service is given a discord feature that may modify you to form use of it within the most attainable ways in which. Following “#”, called a Discord tag. Permitting the users to possess some usernames that too while not making any confusion whereas adding friends, most of its options area unit free and it’s free from ads furthermore. Thus, it’s a difficulty once Discord will not open and you wish to understand the way to solve it.

Features of Discord

There are numerous options concerning Discord and here area unit the foremost five superb ones:

1 – Get A Chance To Be Creative Along With Your Text: Some sincere characters value-added before and subsequently can enable you to form your text a lot of communicative in an exceeding variety of the way. If you would like to yell one thing necessary, for instance, you’ll create your words seem in daring by adding ** before and when the word you would like to leap off the page. Otherwise, to feature stress is to underline words by adding__ we tend to before and when the word.

2 – Use Discord’s Hotkeys: To use the app within the most intuitive approach attainable, it makes a judgment to form the use of Discord’s hotkeys, is in a position to enable you to alter its performance while not slogging through a bunch of menus.

3 – Make Use of Voice Chat: Whereas text chat is absolutely excellent once you’re interacting with an oversized cluster, the voice chat feature can provide you with crystal clear audio that’s often recommended for being higher than Skype and Face-time.

4 – Stock Up On Bots: Whereas the thought of bots would possibly put forward pictures of annoying technology, the bots on Discord will be accustomed to create your overall expertise a lot of fun. Some bots play music, whereas others can assist you to connect with a lot of acceptable channels.

5 – Use the Beeper Function: Whereas it would sound sort of a little bit of a dated reference, the beeper feature on the app can enable you to broadcast a message to any or all of your friends. Obviously, this is often notably helpful if you would like to form everybody tuned in to new rules you’d like adopted on your server.

How to Fix Discord won’t Open An Error Message?

There are multiple ways through which you can solve that issue of yours. Discord shows problems for the Windows version sometimes. You try to open it, and it doesn’t open. The screen stays as it is, or you get a blank screen.

Sometimes, you may notice that Discord doesn’t open even after you boot your system and set up the appliance. Here are the 10 methods to fix this message:

Method 1: Update to the Latest Version of Discord

Update to the latest version of Discord. This will automatically fix all the flaws that you are facing, and will keep the uncertainty of the fault to the minimum.

If you have an updated version then there are fewer chances to find my discord won’t open error. So always keep your discord application updated.

Method 2: Repair Corrupt System Files

You can additionally fix the error by hardly checking the system, whether it has lost the power or impact of your saved files. If your system crashed and a few of the files got corrupted, you should use System File Checker to fix these files. Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Type in CMD into the search box

Step 2 – Right-click on search results and select Run as administrator.

Step 3 – Once Command Prompt window opens, type in the following: sfc /scan now and press Enter

Step 4 – Wait till the scan is done. Windows will repair all errors automatically

In order to resolve the issue, you’ll be able to scan the complete system simply as this may facilitate find the corrupted or missing files. After that, the repair is done mechanically and can be fastened at intervals no time. Then you are more likely to go fix the error and your system starts working normally.

Method 3: Use Discord Web Version

You can switch to the Web-version of discord, and use that rather than the app. It works just as well and has been known to fix the issue for a lot of users. It’s the easiest way to fix the issue, which works for most of the users.

The issue of Discord won’t Open is resolved, as soon as the user opens the web version. There are many problems to analyze why would not discord open and why this error often occurs. One of the biggest reasons may be due to overloaded cookies.

For some, it works after they log in to it. It clearly fixes the log in the issue that is being faced by the app and resets the account. Just open the app once you have opened or logged in to the web version of it, and it will work in a normal manner.

Method 4: Use Task Kill

The simplest Discord won’t open fix lies in killing the task of Discord. This can be done either by opening the task manager or by using the command line in the command prompt.

As before long as you find the error restart the device as may be the most effective different that has been serving too many of us to resolve my Discord Won’t Open issue. Open the task manager the following way:

Step 1 – Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc so that you open Task manager

Step 2 – Under Apps, locate Discord process

Step 3 – Click on it and select End Task

You can additionally stop Discord method through Command Prompt:

Step 4 – Then type CMD that is command into the search box and press Enter

Step 5 – Once Command Prompt opens, type in the following line task kill /F /IM discord.exe and then hit Enter

Step 6 – Now, open Discord app.

Method 5: Delete AppData Contents

One of the best techniques which are said to be a handy solution is by installing the app and then deleting both the app data along with the Local app data folders completely. If the on top of ways didn’t work then it’s time to uninstall and put in the Discord App.

For a lot of users, uninstalling the app and then deleting the contents of the AppData seemed to work. Once the contents are deleted, the reinstall of the Discord app resolved whatever issue that is being faced completely. So here is the process that you need to follow in order to delete the app data contents completely.

Step 1 – You just have to press Win Key + R both at a time as it will open the run option.

Step 2 – A window will be displayed where you have to enter “appwiz.cpl” in the search form provided and then click on OK.

Step 3 – Next, you need to look at the Discord app directly from the list and then click on the uninstall option. By doing so it will remove all the content from your system.

Method 6: Flush DNS

Another resolution is to flush out the DNS settings on the laptop being employed to launch Discord. Using discord application is totally closed particularly for Taskbar before victimization this methodology. In some cases, the DNS settings get corrupted over time and prevent bound applications from creating contact with the net.

If the DNS settings square measure untimely with the Discord application if won’t work properly. As associate degree internet-based applications, Discord can occasionally face connection issues that are quickly ironed out by taking the following steps.

Step 1 – Close all instances of Discord and any associated services via Task Manager as detailed above.

Step 2 – Right-click on the Windows Start menu and select “Run” from the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 3 – Type “ipconfig/flushdns” into the search field and click on “Run”. Windows can mechanically filter the DNS for you.

Step 4 – When complete, relaunch Discord.

However, the discord app won’t open are going to be mounted mechanically.

Method 7: Update Your System

Many a time some errors occur due to the old version of Discord app that is running on your system. This needs to update the system.

You may even face discord will not launch error which may be resolved by merely changing the system. Then you will automatically be directed to the latest version of the application.

Method 8: Uncheck Use A Proxy Server

Discord usually doesn’t play well with Proxies and VPNs. Proxy is a useful feature that helps users to browse anonymously and exceed certain limitations on the internet. However, if the proxy server isn’t responding, you will not be able to connect to Discord or the Internet for that matter.

Therefore, if you have got enforced a VPN or square measure employing a proxy Discord may malfunction. Due to this, it might not start properly. It is recommended that you disable all proxies/VPNs and try to open the application again. Here’s how you go about doing just that:

Step 1 – Right-click on the Windows start menu and click on search

Step 2 – In the search field, type “Control Panel” and select the option with the same name from the search results.

Step 3 – Choosing “Network and Internet” from the Control Panel options, click on “Internet Options”

Step 4 – In the “Internet Properties” window that appears, click on the “Connections” tab among the options running vertically along the top of the screen.

Step 5 – Click on “LAN Settings” from the LAN setting section.

Step 6 – Once the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings appears, find the “Proxy server” section and ensure the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” option is unticked.

Step 7 – Click “Ok” below, then once more in the “Internet Properties” window.

Step 8 – Launch Discord.

Method 9: Delete LocalAppData Content

Sometimes clearing LocalAppData helped users fix Discord won’t open error:

Step 1 – Close Discord via the method above using the Task Manager.

Step 2 – Right-click on the Windows Start menu and select “Run” from the drop-down options.

Step 3 – Type “%localappdata%” into the search field and click on “Ok”.

Step 4 – Find “Discord” among the list of files and right-click.

Step 5 – From the contextual drop-down menu, click on delete.

Step 6 – Relaunch Discord.

Method 10: Minimize the Running Files

While you are running the applications there are so many on-going processes that are running in the background. This on-going processes sometimes cause an error due to the background actions.

Therefore you must always close all the applications while Discord app is running. So firstly, minimize all the files which are running in the background that will help in data overloading.

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Discord may be a nice application for in-game communication and that we greatly suggest mistreatment it. The platform is most popular by gambling communities mostly, it allows text, video, audio communication between players. It is available on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux, with the latest internet browser version.

Well if anyone by chance encounters any kind of problems associated with discord will not launch then you’ll follow the higher than mentioned which is able to resolve the difficulty quickly. Technology has led to a lot of revolutions and innovations in almost every field that it has entered. It has offered a lot of benefits and made life much more comfortable. Discord is additionally a present of technology — a very peculiar social gambling platform for the lovers of this niche.