Doubelist is one of the famous online platforms that provide content of sales of various products and services across various regions of the world such as Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and in their cities.

The surprising feature is that such marketing websites do not charge any cost from their users, both sellers and buyers. All the users dealing in this platform must create a profile in their name that will contain their details such as name, address, location, contact number, and email address for security purposes and communication requirements with the respective buyer or seller.


13 Doublelist Alternatives In 2021

The website interface is user-friendly, offering features to the best of its ability for its users. It does not have many active users but does exist to date. The below mentioned are some of the classified ads alternatives of doublelist, namely:

1. FinderMaster

It is a source that helps people across the globe to enter details of the products and services that they either want to avail or can provide to the needful. Users can showcase their advertisements free of cost on this website. It provides offers for certain items.

The products or services that are in demand currently are automobiles, learning, pets, real estate, services, and items. This website can be used for business purposes also, not restricted to personal use only. Users have to enter the city or location where they belong or avail their requirements from. The website is easy to use.

It has a simple and clear template. In case any of queries or problems, users can contact the website team by entering their details in the Contact Us section of the website. This site has a feature that helps the users to find the best results for their respective searches, both service and for product.

The location of the users can be tracked through regular description or it can be identified in the maps for navigation.

2. Geebo

It is an American classified digital marketer that enables users to trade services and commodities such as vehicles, farm equipment, employment opportunities, real estate, rental and sale of rooms, flats, etc. It is said to be a source that is safe and can be trusted.

The website is built in a way that it provides the buyers to locate their searches easily. It currently has begun to work on showcasing those advertisements that are scam-free for the buyers. In this way, the users will trust the site for its quality maintaining the traffic of the site.

3. Oodle

It was originally found in the year 2005, having its base in California, the United States. It is one of those online platforms that provide classifieds by obtaining lead advertisements from newspapers and other sources similar to it namely eBay and ForRent.

At present, it has its access in several regions across the globe such as the United States, The United Kingdom, and few countries in Asia. Users can create their ads also in the site. The feature that has been usual for every user is that online platforms like Oodle and the ones similar to that are free to post their ads and create their login.

4. OLX

It is originally known as OnLine eXchange, a marketing company that was found in the year 2006, having its origin in the Netherlands. Currently, it is operating in 45 countries across the globe, India is one among them.

It has a major role in conveying to the audience that trade can happen without meeting physically also or visiting the market. It deals with a varied range of products and services every day, such that all the preferences and searches of all the customers and traders are given priority.

5. Backpage

It is one of those online websites that develop classified advertisements for the trading purposes of its users. It was originally found in the year 2004 by a well-known newspaper chain Times New Media, the website acts as an intermediary between the potential buyers and sellers in its users’ list.

The website was created to connect the internal consumers and local traders for transferring each other’s benefit source, a commodity for the consumer and money for the trader. It does not charge any fee from its users, be it a seller or a buyer in its platform. It earns based on the ads it provides on its website for commercial searches.


This website is well-known for buying and selling pet animals. However, it deals with many other services and commodities such as fashionable items, household requirements, musical instruments, gardening items and materials, a wide range of clothing and accessories, real estate, rental of houses and rooms, vehicles, etc.

Users are provided a huge number of advertisements giving them a wide range of choices to choose their seller according to their preferences without charging any cost to any kind of users. Users can compare a photo in the site which they are similarly looking for at the best price.

7. Eadspost

It is one of the online platforms that provide the opportunity for the users, both buyer and seller to trade online overcoming the physical trade barrier by its digital marketing techniques. It displays the advertisements of the buyer relating to the house, room rents, furniture, electronics, vehicles, pets, employment.

The unique feature of this platform that makes it different from other platforms is that the users have to download its software to access this platform. The software runs in IOS, Android, and Linux.

8. AutoTempest

It was launched in the year 2007 and is one of the leading advertising platforms that is known for car trading. A similar website like this in India is Cars24. AutoTempest provides all the details of the car that the sellers mention in the respective description field.

It is not a website just for second-hand cars, first hand cars are also sold here. It also involves itself with the insurance matter related to the cars which usually the customers are worried about, now it solved. The basic details of the car it displays on its website are the model, mileage, transmission, etc.

9. USFreeads

It is one of those online platforms that have a high amount of traffic and has gained popularity over the years. The site has a huge number of users, both buyers, and sellers. Buyers trust the site and the sellers showed on the site, highlighting the faith buyers have.

The products and services this site deals with include jewelry, fashionable items, electronics, rental rooms and flats, furniture, vehicles, pets, etc. Both buyer and seller get an opportunity to negotiate with each other for a fair deal. But this online platform does not have much recognition when compared to FinderMaster.

10. eBay Classifieds

It is a free, simple-to-use digital market classified that can be used by all users for free of cost. It is owned by the company eBay closed this source in the year 2016.

Later, the company launched a new version of eBay classifieds that is currently working. This source enables people to purchase and sell products, displaying their ads free of cost. It has gained huge traffic because of eBay, as it has 180 active million users.

11. Kijiji

This website was found in the year 2005 by one of the well-known companies eBay. The idea of this source was focused to provide the services and commodities city-wise, making the entire sale process simple and precise.

It is currently operating in more than 300 major cities in Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Italy, having a smaller number of users in the United States. The services and commodities it focuses on are housing, cars, electronics, furniture, pets for a higher rate, employment, etc.

12. Gumtree

It is one of the well-known classified providers, accessible only for the people in the country The United Kingdom, slowly expanding the service to few more countries currently. Users can search for employment, services, commodities, real estate, etc. on the website.

The users are required to give their details, optionally will be shared with their vendors or buyers for better communication. The website acts as an intermediate between the buyers and sellers.

13. Recycler

It is a source that helps people buy and sell second-hand products of various types such as pets, vehicles, flats, mobile phones, electronic gadgets, real estate, community, services, furniture, musical instruments, etc. This website is a trustable source.

It was sold by Los Angeles Times to Target Media Partners in the year 2007, who re-launched the website again in the year 2010 with more reliable features and sources. Users have to create their accounts for better access and communication. It is safe to use this website for purchase and sale.


There are many more alternatives to Doublelist apart from the above-mentioned ones. Certain websites focus on only one specific service or product like AutoTempest, Cars24, etc. These websites are highly focused on providing the best service to the buyers and sellers making the trade between them easier and simpler.

All the above online platforms provide users to post their advertisements free of cost because the companies being involved in digital marketing know-how to gather an audience and make money with the ads displayed by the users themselves.