Dr. Mark Englund is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FiberSense. Over the last two decades, the Australian Engineer has proven to be a successful serial entrepreneur. Dr. Englund founded FiberSense to address the constant need for safety awareness as one is constantly exposed to real-time threats. Read on to get a better answer to the question, ‘What does Mark Englund do for a living?’.


Who is Dr. Mark Englund?

Dr. Mark Englund has been intrigued by the idea of how things work from a tender age. He was constantly fascinated by watching the exponential growth of technology as an integral part of human existence. As a CEO, Dr. Englund exploits his responsibility to preserve society’s foundations while making the most out of the internet and all it has to offer.

A Closer Look at Dr. Mark Englund

Educational Background

Dr. Mark Englund received a Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering and Electronics Engineering from Charles Darwin University (1990 and 1994). Englund later received a Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from the University of Sydney.

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Dr. Mark Englund’s Experience

Dr. Englund’s background in Engineering makes him stand out. While working at Defence Science and Technology in Adelaide, Australia, in the late ‘90s, Dr. Mark Englund worked on innovative and highly developed Sound Navigation, and Ranging (SONAR) studies using optical fiber sensors applying skills from his specialty in Optical Fiber Sensors.

The Ph.D. holder in Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR) was chosen to secondment to the USA’s Naval Research Lab in Washington DC. In 2001, Dr. Englund was among the co-founders of Redfern Optical Components Pty Ltd that was later acquired by TE Connectivity Ltd. Mark Englund turned out to be the MD at TE Subcom, a subsidiary of TE Connectivity.

Dr. Mark Englund Today

Dr. Englund is recognized as the individual with the original idea behind the invention, growth, and development of FiberSense. Mark Englund began working on a project to deliver FiberSense as a digital platform for digitizing events and movements in cities in real-time and over wide grids in 2015.

Dr. Mark Englund Today

The cutting-edge project, VIDAR, uses existing telecom fiber assets to identify and capture minute vibrations produced by nearby objects for transmission into a central digital platform. Dr. Englund aims to introduce Vibration Detection and Ranging Sensor Technology (VIDAR) as part of leading-edge projects for making the world better and safer.

Through VIDAR. Dr. Englund hoped to use the intersection of specific optical fiber SONAR knowledge collected through his career’s initial stages as part of TE Connectivity Ltd and TE Subcom. Dr. Englund believes that Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing are the future. VIDAR gives you an extra sense of events and movements that may threaten your business.

What Does Mark Englund Do for a Living?

Over the last two decades, Dr. Mark Englund has been vocal in developing cutting-edge technological solutions. As the CEO of FiberSense, Dr. Eglund has been vocal in the development of technologies like VIDAR. The main question from most is, ‘What does Mark Englund do for a living?’ By keeping a closer look at RADAR, SONAR, and LIDAR, FiberSense and Dr. Englund earn more profits.

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Bottom Line

Dr. Englund is an engineer that has been constantly fascinated by how things work as a young boy. Over the last two decades, Dr. Englund has spearheaded the development of technologies like VIDAR to make cities and public spaces more comfortable and safer.