Driver Updater Software for Windows 10, 8 and 7 {Free & Paid}

Having the incorrect driver makes the device inoperable. Also, the right driver makes a vast difference for videos, high gaming, and programming. Many suffer from bad resolution or poor sound quality, printer misbehaving on their PCs. It can be caused by their system’s outdated adapters, missing sound cards, and Driver Updater software for Windows.

Following, it can also boost the system to improve the system’s sound and high-resolution quality. The high gaming components for PC performance can also be a breakthrough with the Driver Updater Software. There are many options for Windows according to the user requirement.


Driver Updater Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

10 Best Driver Updater Software for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Furthermore, we have mentioned below the 10 best free Driver Updater Software for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Go through one by one. Try the best driver updating software for yourself.

1. Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care is the user-friendly and interactive interface driver update software. This software offers to install providing protection, including Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. This software extension blocks suspicious by removing unwanted items from the startup menu.

Along with this, all your drivers are backed up in their existing versions Smart Driver Care. If anything goes wrong after updating websites to prevent malware infections and ineffective pop-ups, it scans and enhances Windows, and the user can always restore drivers to their original state at any time.

If the system drivers are missing or archaic, it can be susceptible to errors. Importantly, it allows the users to update or fix all drivers at once, therefore reducing the hassle to update them individually. Indeed, Smart Driver Care allows the user to exclude the drivers that are not in use.

The only con is the limited free-edition that grants the users to check all the features except automatic updates. Once the trial version is expired, the user will not be able to use this driver effectively. To exposure to it’s best, the users need to buy its full version.

2. WinZip Driver

WinZip Driver Updater maximizes the performance and improves the stability and boosts the performance of the PC. It quickly scans, identifies, and replaces the outdated, inaccurate, and corrupt drivers. It safely updates all the outdated drivers with the latest versions from the original manufactures. WinZip Driver ensures that the system is receiving the most up–to–date bug fixings, power improvements, and new features from the pioneer manufacturers.

WinZip Driver helps to protect the system from faulty and reliable aftermarket drivers with a driver update. It takes numerous hours to track down each driver for all the hardware connected to the PC. WinZip Driver updater achieves this process in a minute through a quick scan and driver update process.

3. Smart Driver Updater

Smart Driver Updater is the driver management tool that finds and updates the outdated drivers in PC. With just a mouse click, a driver update will analyze the drivers on PC and recommend updates from the database containing over millions of drivers for all the hardware devices. Smart driver updater database is continuously updated to ensure that the user must have the most updated drivers available.

If the user is updating their operating systems or needs to reinstall Windows, Smart Driver Updater backup all the drivers in the system, compressing them in a zipping-a format that is easy to export and reinstall. Smart Driver Updater Software saves hours searching for and installing the individual device drivers.

4. Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater is the free driver updater software that quickly backup the drivers to avoid any compatibility issues for further, and in any case, a driver updater is incompatible; the user can restore to the last working driver. It supports a large number of devices in all the categories. Advanced Driver Updater keeps all the drivers in a synchronized manner.

The driver download will automatically start from where it stops even when the connection is interrupted. It excludes unwanted or unused drivers from getting updated. Advanced Driver Updater schedules the scan in zero-intervention and an automatic scan for updated drivers.

The bad prints or printer’s connection issues are quickly sorted with updated drivers. It fixes the audio errors, channel loss, and mixing frequencies can be easily rectified by installing missing drivers. The user can enjoy action games without any disturbances.

5. Driver Booster

Driver Booster is up–to–date and convenient Driver Updater Software and has passed both Microsoft test and iObit test for ensuring the authority and security of the drivers. The scanning speed of this driver saves time to acquire the user time. Also, it offers useful tools to fix authentic Windows issues effectively.

The Driver Booster can fix some Blue Screen of Death issues caused by driver update failures. Additionally, Driver Booster Software supports to fix the most sound issues and network failures for a better experience. The user can activate the auto driver update mode to get the latest version updates in real-time for more convenience.

6. Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver is the driver update software for inexperienced as well as advanced computer users. It only uses the proper, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) driver updates, and the major con is that the user cannot uninstall drivers within the program. Not only, it provides the details than the user needs about driver versions sources, but it also scans and shows the list of all the drivers it has checked.

Driver Reviver does the same process when the user downloads the updates. After the user completes the scan of the computer, the software displays each driver that needs to be upgraded and those applications that are outdated, which provides the condition of the computer.

It is compatible with all the Windows versions and supports 16 different languages. The user can even reach to developer technical team via an online forum, is the user has questions or need assistance with any steps. The user gets a yearly subscription and can be canceled at any time if not required.

7. Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout is a simple and all-in-one driver software. Along with this, it helps to get rid of the thing that makes the system down. Also, the tool can help to remove outdated, broken, and defect drivers from PC and offers the latest version as a free download.

But still, this driver requires some specific system requirements and works on Windows 7, 8 and Vista. Once the hardware is located, the user can disable it so that it does not feature in the future scans. This feature helps when the user does not want specific hardware to be updated regularly.

8. Driver Genius

Driver Genius is a professional driver management software based in the UK. This features both driver management and hardware diagnostics. It analyzes which driver is not working effectively and slowing down the system. It also finds out which driver needs to update to optimize the Windows performance.

It clones the drivers to an EXE auto-installer, unlock many hidden options in NVIDIA display driver control panel, including overclocking settings, AGP settings, Stereo control, and much more. The back–up files are automatically saved with time and date. The best feature is that it supports proxy connections with a password. This driver offers free unlimited technical support to all the customers.

9. Driver Easy

Driver Easy is user–friendly, straightforward Driver Updater Software and contains all the necessary essential functions. It scans the computer and lists the hardware with missing outmoded or mismatched drivers. Also, it updates the required driver automatically together or updates each driver individually.

Instantly switching between languages is an easy task in this driver. Installation of Driver Easy does not require any special technical skills. The user can select a directory for installation, create a desktop icon, and create a scheduled scan task in custom mode. Along with this, the user can initially start with a free version; the link can be readily available in any browser.

Users can view the general information about the system configuration in the hardware info tab. You can export it to a TXT file (pro version of the driver). The pro version of this driver includes driver backups, restoration, and scan devices offline even.

Also, Driver Easy automatically starts when the computer is turned on, and/or automatically scan drivers when Driver Easy starts. Also, there is a naturally scan calendar scheduler, system backup settings, and changing directories for downloads and restore points. It does not work on macOS, Linux, iOS. There is too much add in the free version. The download speed in the free version is slow.

10. AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater reduces freezing and crashing of the computer. It scans all the drivers and recommends the right one to reduce crashes and bugs, printer problems, connectively issues, and jittery mouse movements. It speeds up browsing and downloading speed.

Additionally, AVG Driver Updater helps to fix a dropping WiFi connection, solve slow connection problems and adds new features for improved performance. Lastly, we add that the users can check the latest graphics drivers in real-time to provide smoother gaming, streaming, and media editing and to the next level.



Lastly, note that WinZip driver, Smart Driver Updater, and Advanced Driver Updater are the best drivers to use for the beginners and for the professionals too. It provides automatic driver checks and supports an extensive driver database. These drivers consume Low resources.