7 Best eBook Apps to Grab Millions of Digital Books for Free

There is a saying that if you don’t like reading books, then you are reading the wrong books. Reading enhances the ability to think. It improves your concentration and is a great stress-buster too. But many argue that books are expensive and they cannot afford every book they wish to read. That’s where eBook apps grab our attention.

They are not just easy to find but also offer millions of books on their platform based on every genre you can think of! Information technologies have given us the tools and a new expanse for fulfilling our needs and hobbies more seamlessly.

Best eBook Apps to Grab Millions of Digital Books for Free

The substantial perks that e-book apps give its users are that it draws millions of reading fans to get some latest OS or Android application and sink into their ultra-comfy chairs with a book-featuring gadget in their hands. But not all of these apps are favoured by finicky users because they prefer free books over those books which require a substantial amount.

 7 Best eBook Apps to Grab Millions of Digital Books for Free

Below are the 7 best eBooks Apps mentioned. They will help you to grab numerous Digital eBooks for free. Go through one by one and about them.

1. Amazon’s Kindle

Kindle is one of the most renowned and successful apps in its field. It was released by the downright most competitive digital streaming company, Amazon. It holds a large number of market share which constantly attracts new consumers.

It also offers a great user experience and shows the supremacy of eBooks over traditional ones. With Kindle, you get a customisable display enabling you to set font size, brightness, and other key settings you may need. This app also allows you to save the last page read and make bookmarks and highlights in the text.

2. Apple Books

Extraordinary yet straightforward is how one will describe the products of Apple. Apple Books is popular app has a pretty impressive layout. Its layout is not the only thing to focus on. The unique advanced features also vividly make the company stand out from its competitors. The app translates text written from as many as 18 languages into English.

Also, it offers the users the several fonts they can choose and the brightness level to adjust. It provides them with the function of searching the words throughout the book. Moreover, the software adopted by the app allows users to find out the meanings of the unknown words by clicking on them and then having their definition pop up on display.

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books app developed by the most significant search engine of all time is no less remarkable than the other apps. The revolutionary Google Play Books app provides a ‘unique insight’ to its users.

It features some customisation options such as font versatility, line spacing, and a built-in dictionary. It also lets you sync your books in Google Drive. You can later share with a group for easy collaboration.

4. Nook

It has a stock which touches four million figure. Apart from that, it has numerous magazines and graphic novels, unlike the other contenders. It also offers crazy readers a unique experience of getting book recommendations from its expert booksellers.

This application provides you with the ultimate selection of ways to customise its elements, getting the most out of your pleasurable reading. The Nook app features helpful archive settings. These settings allow you to filter your archive adding or deleting new the items in it.

5. Kobo

Kobo is easily one of the best eBook Apps. With more than five million books to offer, this app features an expertly curated collection of graphic books, children’s books, periodicals, and other publications for you. It helps you to browse its fascinatingly vast marketplace.

Kobo supports various e-book formats, namely PDF, CBZ, and CBR. Furthermore, it allows you to upload your favourite books from your gadget and bask in the fantastic experience of fancy design and a striking abundance of books.

6. OverDrive

OverDrive app will bridge the gap between your device and any library in the world, giving you exclusive access to an endless number of books. OverDrive supports a variety of formats for reading and listening to the audio version of books.

However, to get access to the best of the best, you need to have a valid account of membership in any school or university library.

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7. Wattpad

This is simply a fantastic platform for those who love to read all the time. It shares with you the local talents by sharing their breathtaking stories, heart-wrenching poems, and aptly written content with the app community.

The creators of the app have designed an impressive 50 languages to read along with the books representing an ultimate collection of genres: fiction, sci-fi, romance, fantasy, thriller, mystery, and many others. As the cherry on the cake, Wattpad encourages users to build their virtual library. It always keeps their beloved stories at hand.

In a Nutshell, Daunted by the deep-rooted stereotypes disparaging the true worth of modern digital technologies, people seem to show little perception in what tremendous advantage the IT era gives them.

That being so, the technology breakout we’re witnessing now is mostly undervalued and mistakenly interpreted by many incompetent neophobic as a slow-working poison to today’s generation.

But here’s one critical argument shooting this global hilarious ridicule dead. While baby boomers and the following latchkey generation rejoiced at the chance to grab their longed-for Kerouac novel after hours of standing in line at the local library, it takes a couple of lazy taps for the book maniacs of today to delve into the spellbinding road trip concocted by this Beat genius.

The modern Superhighway gives people unlimited opportunities to expand their minds by savouring thrilling reads on the digital canvas of their slim gadgets. And yes, today’s bibliophiles may prefer ebooks over traditional paper ones. But calling it a drawback to technology advancement is as hysterical as dubbing Palahniuk’s “Fight Club” a Western novel.

That is it in Best eBook Apps, hope you have found your best eBook App.