The corporate eLearning and development landscapes evolving at a rapid pace. The conventional classroom-based training is getting substituted by easy, accessible and convenient virtual training. Online learning or eLearning platforms have been instrumental for this paradigm shift and thus, are gaining wide popularity and adoption.

Now, the application of e-Learning platforms is no longer limited to corporate and large-scale enterprises. Small and medium businesses are also taking to the application of such platforms to scale up their learning space, boost employee productivity and organizational growth.

Considering the huge demand for eLearning, eLearning solutions providers have come up with a wide array of solutions, proprietary, and custom. The learning objective and requirement vary from business to business and existing proprietary LMSs might not fit into it at all times. Here comes the role of custom eLearning.

Simply put, custom eLearning development is optimized to suit the learning requirement of a business and its culture, and systems. Custom eLearning solutions can work out best for the scenarios of product training, software systems training, onboarding new employees, etc.

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Advantages of Custom eLearning

1. Tailored to Your Organization

It is always easy to opt for off-the-shelf learning platforms and is quick, cost-effective and eliminates the hassle of customization efforts. However, the ‘one size fits all’ is no longer significant when it comes to today’s evolved learning landscape. Each organization is unique in its own way and accordingly the learning objective also varies depending on the organizational vision and values.

Opting for custom eLearning platforms can enable organizations to craft custom courses as per their requirement. Creating and updating custom course content offers organizations and their employees a competitive edge against their industry counterparts, not to forget, a considerable boost to the organizational ROI.

2. Gives You Complete Control

With proprietary learning applications, organizations don’t have the flexibility to go for customizations. The customization can be about altering a particular product feature or customizing the course content.

eLearning - Gives You Complete Control

However, with custom eLearning solutions, organizations have a say about the features they would need and that would be best-suited for their ultimate learning objective. Nevertheless, it will keep the employees engaged in their learning journey by adding a touch of creativity and uniqueness.

3. Easy To Access And Update

With the technological advancements and ever-growing competition, organizations are expanding their operational horizons across geographies. Resultant, this calls for an expansion in the product and service portfolio.

As organizations evolve and their product portfolios expand, they need their learning environment to scale up as well. Custom eLearning applications make it easy. Custom eLearning applications enable organizations to create and update course content easily with the help of the best eLearning authoring software.

4. Branding

In the digital era, branding has become quite essential for an organization. Organizations prefer to have their e-Learning applications in alignment with their brand. Custom eLearning applications enable organizations to do so by creating online courses with backgrounds and scenarios relevant to the organization’s branding aspect.

Custom eLearning Development - Branding

Custom eLearning application providers even offer to develop an eLearning app with brand name and the organization’s logo for creating better visibility and trust.

5. Cost-Effective in The Long Run

Contrary to popular belief, custom e-learning is a one-time investment. Since the ownership of the content rests with the organization, there is no need to pay monthly license fees and opt for subscriptions. Organizations may have to incur costs as and when they are planning to expand their course offerings or update the existing content on a wide-scale.

Custom eLearning software improves course usability also. Though the initial cost for custom e-learning is a bit high, the long-term return on investment is lucrative. The custom eLearning has been more effective with several tools such as learning management systems (LMSs), content authoring tools as well as video content tools.

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No doubt this is the age of Online learning. In the present times, there is much to learn and every person wants to improve his/her skills. So, keeping this in mind, we are giving our best in this guide of eLearning.