Encryption Software enable encryption and decryption of data streams that include the content of data objects, files, or network packets to secure by unauthorized or third party users.

Best Encryption Software for Windows or Mac


Best 11 Encryption Software for Windows or Mac {Paid & Free}

1. AxCrypt

AxCrypt is the open-source simple encryption software for Windows, macOS, and mobile. This application is multilingual software such as German, French, Korean, Turkish, and many more. It is a highly-secured software that provides strong encryption and compression of file security with 128 bit or 256 bit AES encryption and supports offline encryption and decryption. It has a simple interface and works with just a click.

It has a termless integration with Windows Explorer with no configuration required. It automatically secure files in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. It manages and accesses the password securely and seamlessly wherever the user is. This application also opens the encrypted file on the phone.

It allows us to share the files securely. This software does not care whether the file is stored in a hard disk or network server; encryption is secure. Directly right click on the document and encrypt it. It generates a password which is easy catchy to the user.

It is the best bet that the user wants something reliable. The software is extensively considered robust. It is the well – known and best encryption tool that is absolute to encrypt any file on the computer. The best encryption service is available by subscription in AxCrypt.

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2. DiskCryptor

DiskCryptor is free and open-source software for Microsoft Windows. It runs as a background service with an icon in the system tray. It can encrypt external source files like USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and many more. It supports AES hardware acceleration, SSD TRIM extension, AES, Twofish encryption algorithms, and multi-boot options and compatible third-party boot loaders as LILO, GRUB with an intuitive interface.

It also supports pre-boot authentication available. This is lightweight, quiet, reliable operation. If one needs drive and partition level encryption only, then this is good to use. It bases dynamic disks. Extra cautions users can choose to use a combination of cascaded algorithms; this would keep the data safe even if one of the algorithms would be broken.

The guarantee of safe cryptographic algorithm implementation, they are verified by a built-in test, and open-source code persuades that no backdoors are there in the program. This application has a modest download size, takes less time for installation. But this has a significant bug problem, and this application has been updated since 2015.

3. 7- Zip

7- Zip is free and open-source, and this application can be use in commercial organization computers, and it doesn’t require any registration and pay for the full version. The main code is under the GNU LGPL license, and some parts of the codes are under the BSD 3 clause license.

Zip also includes password protection and encryption of files. It compresses the file to 30 -70% netter than zip-format. And compresses to zip format 2-10% better than other zip compatible programs. This is a file archive with a high compression ratio. But the interface is a little sparse, and so the instructions. The last update was in 2013 with a 9.22 version.

4. BitLocker

BitLocker Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption is a built-in feature that encrypts one or more drives attached to the computer that can use the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to verify the integrity of early startup components.

It encrypts the entire data of the computer. Bitlocker automatically process to configure hard drive by creating the second volume, if one is not present and moves the boot files to the second volume and ensures that the operating system is correctly configured.

When the tool finishes, the user must restart the computer. And in addition to hard disk configuration accurately, the network must meet the specific requirements to enable the Bitlocker. The supported Operating System are Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista Enterprise (and 64- bit edition), Windows Vista Service Pack1, Windows Vista Ultimate (and 64-bit edition).

But to run a BitLocker, the user has to need a storage drive with two partitions and a special TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip. TPM chip runs on the hard disk, software, and firmware authentication check. If the chip detects ay unauthorized change, then the users’ computer or PC will reboot in a restricted mode to detect the potential attackers.

The user can start the system check to let know whether their computer has a TPM chip or multiple partitions. If the user does not TPM, then they can run BitLocker with a tinker with Group Policy Editor if their computer has it.

5. Cryptainer LE

Cryptainer LE 448 – bit free encryption software that creates encrypted disk drive volume to store any data with simple drag and drop operation, works on all 32 bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Cryptainer Mobile edition encrypts any data on any drive USB drive, CD ROM, Flash Disk.

It sends a secure email system that makes use of existing generic email clients on a public network, allows total secure data sharing. The best part is it is free and never expires and no nag screens. It creates an unlimited number of encrypted drives on hard disks that appear as real drives in Windows and functions like any other routine drive on the computer.

Its’ interface is easy to use due to its speed and versatility and requires no learning to the users. The single password allows access to the virtual disk and eliminating to learn the separate passwords for each encrypted file. And it relies on Blowfish algorithms to make secure for the documents and difficult for the users who do not have a proper password to access and manipulate the files.

6. CrytoExpert 8

CrytoExpert 8 takes real-time for encryption systems to give secure offline storage form Windows 10 users. This software works with four encryption algorithms, AES, Blowfish, Cast, and 3DES. As in previous editions, it provides two-factor authentication when unlocking secure vaults. It supports USB drives to secure the unlock keys and provides a command-line interface to automate tasks.

Now, the 8th edition of this software ultimately provides the new user interface specially designed for Windows 10 users. It secures vaults to 10 GB and more. It transparent access to files and documents, read and write encrypted files on the fly, the user has not to wait while data to encryption and decryption.

It creates unlimited secure vaults, and secure vaults appear as local drives to Windows and unlock vaults are located on remote computers over LAN. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8, 10, and 7. For personal users, protecting personal data, this software offers a free version of the application, and this free version never gets expires and never asks for the license code. It can create a container up to 256 Tb in size.

8. Gpg4Win

Gpg4Win is GNU Privacy Guard for Windows is free open source (even free from all the commercial and non- commercial charges) encryption software for files, documents, and emails and can be installed with just a few clicks. GNU PG, Gpg4win developers, maintain it.

To create a portable Gpg4win version, use the included tool mkportable.exe. It enables users to secure emails and documents with encryption and digital signatures. Digital signatures make free from doubt that it is not fitted and sent from an authenticated user. It protects the contents from unwanted third party authenticating it. It also supports Open PGP and S/MIME(X.509) cryptography.

9. CryptoForge

CryptoForge grants confidence that the users’ information will remain safe, even if the user is breached. It protects any data even at rest mode and wherever it goes. This easy – to – use encryption software concede individuals and organizations to ensure their sensitive data with professional encryption.

Whenever the user needs the secure files on their computer, upload encrypted file to the cloud, or distribute file among the contacts or team members, this software is the competent product. It supports large files of 64 – bit sizes and can encrypt up to 16 Tb files on an NTFS volume, can send encrypted files to the other users, as recipients don’t have to install to be able to decrypt the files.

The user can decrypt the files with the free application. It is based on strong public domain encryption algorithms like AES encryption, which is the best encryption algorithm available and used now – a – days. The user can safely save the file with multiple encryptions, even if, in the future, the encryption algorithm was attacked. This software has a built-in shredder and built-in compression; compression saves the bandwidth and storage costs that strengthen cryptographic security more.

It has the best feature that it allows the quick integration into automated processes and other systems and programs, adding encryption software to the users’ processes completes in minutes with the help of Command-Line Builder; it is a visual tool included in packages that makes adding effortless.

But this software has not any escrow keys or back doors, so the user has to be careful with a password; they cannot forget their encryption password. The software can encrypt the name of documents along with the contents and able to replace it with a randomly generated file name. It is proficient with converting images, text, files, or documents into ciphertexts.

The user can even post the encrypted text to any social networking as this has built-in the secure document editor. The CrptoForge 5.4.0 is released with a free update to version 5 users. This updated version includes bug fixes, support to Windows Server 2016, and free updated Decrypter application, which allows the decryption of files on any device without even installation of the CryptoForge application.

10. LastPass

LastPass is a sensitive, strong data encryption software, SOC 2 Type 2 compliance with strong security and reliability. It encrypts at the device level with AES 256 before syncing with TLS for safe storage to protect the user within between server-side attacks so that only user can decrypt the data. LastPass does not send or store any master password. No one can access others’ data neither hackers.

Banks and the military widely use this encryption software. This software strengthens the password and encryption key against large – scale and brute- force attacks by slowing down the guesses. The user can add extra security to professional data by leveraging the LastPass MFA’s biometric and contextual intelligence without adding any complexity.

With the coverage over the cloud, mobile through password management, this application secures every access point. The user can see from a single sign in to password management to adaptive authentication without any hassle of managing multiple solutions, as it provides all in one identity solution.

The admin is capable of Centralized control; the admin dashboard control tool provides control over users’ access, authentication, and password with over 100 configurable policies to manage security. The admin can add and remove the team members instantly and even block the user. It also allows sharing to password within each other cautiously. It grants each team member to their vault to safeguard their passwords. LastPass gives 14 days free trial.

11. Windows 10 Device Encryption

Windows 10 Device Encryption is the security tool in Microsoft Windows to secure that by encryption of the system drive. It devises encryption is enabled; only authorized users will be able to access the data and device. A device that supports the multiple encryptions meet the numerous hardware and software requirement is the primary system requirements.

To enable the feature, BIOS must be in UEFI mode, then TPM (Trusted Platform Module) or PTT (Platform Trust Technology) should be enabled. Enable the secure boot. Its core isolation should also be enabled in Microsoft Windows 10 if Dell OEM windows 10 factory image system, then it is automatically enabled. The user can check the Windows System information to see if the system supports device encryption or not.



BitLocker is the best encryption software for Windows. It is a closed program as the users are not able to read the codes to find vulnerabilities. Even if the PC would be stolen or otherwise messed up with, BitLocker keeps the data secure and sound. It is easy to set up because of its built-in feature with manual passwords and options to choose between USB Drive, Harddrive.