Factory Reset iPhone: If you are using iPhone or iPad for a long time then you might have noticed that your device is becoming slower. In such cases, normally users try to get an application that can free up the RAM and make the device faster. But most of the times such tricks do not work as they claim to.

Now at this point, you should try cleaning your device’s storage by deleting your data, removing apps and their data. But if this also doesn’t work or you had already tried this long time ago then you should try wiping out your complete data and completely reset your device. Yes, you read it right I’m talking about iPhone Factory Reset.

Doing a factory reset of an iPhone wipes out complete data, removes all apps and its data and makes your device as good as new. Factory Reset iPhone also could be helpful if you have bought up the device from some other person, or you are selling it to some other person. In such situations, factory resetting an iPhone or iPad can help you prevent your identity or sensitive information from being theft.

Factory Reset on iPhone or any device can also be helpful if your device is crashing, freezing or other such problem. But remember to back up all your data or making its copy so that after performing a factory reset on iPhone or iPad you can restore your data.

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How to Backup Data before, Factory Reset an iPhone

Now starting with creating the backup of your data before factory reset iPhone. Follow these steps to create a backup of data on your iPhone or iPad:

Method 1 – Create Backup Using iCloud

Step 1) We will use iCloud to create a backup of your device. But before proceeding makes sure that your device has an active internet connection.

Step 2) Then go to “Settings.”

Step 3) Afterwards, navigate to “iCloud.”

Step 4) Now tap on “Backup.”

Step 5) Here you will see a toggle of “Backup.” Make sure this is “Turn ON.”

Step 6) Below this you will see a button as “Back Up Now”. Click it.

Step 7) In some time, backup of your data will be stored on iCloud. Now you can proceed on to factory reset your device.

Method 2 – Create Backup Using iTunes

If you want to create a backup of your device using iTunes then follow these steps:

Step 1) At First, Plug your device into the PC or Mac.

Step 2) Then update iTunes to the latest version.

Step 3) Afterwards, open “iTunes.”

Step 4) Then select your device.

Step 5) If you want to encrypt your data, select the box called “Encrypt” [device] backup and create a password.

Step 6) If you don’t want to encrypt your data then just click on “Back Up Now“.

Step 7) Once the process is complete, check if the backup is successfully finished or not by navigating to iTunes Preferences > Devices. Here you will see the name of your device and created a backup.

Now we assume that you have successfully created the backup, so now moving on to factory reset the device.

Factory Reset iPhone or iPad – With PC/Without PC

There are 2 methods for this “How to Factory Reset iPhone or iPad” guide, one includes using PC and other without PC. Follow these steps to factory reset your device through PC:

Method 1 – Factory Reset iPhone or iPad – With PC

Step 1) At First, open “iTunes on your PC“.

Step 2) Then plug your “Device to the PC“.

Step 3) Afterwards, “Select Your Device” in PC.

Step 4) In the summary panel click on “Restore” [device].

Step 5) Then your PC will ask for confirmation. “Click on Restore“.

Step 6) Afterwards, once the process is finished, your device will restart.

Step 7) Now you can set up the device.

Method 2 – Factory Reset iPhone or iPad – Without PC

Follow these steps to factory reset your device without PC:

Step 1) At First, Go to Settings > General > Reset.

Step 2) From the 2 options given, select “Erase All Content” and “Settings.”

Step 3) Then your device will ask you to enter your “Apple ID” and “Password“.

Step 4) Now a confirmation will be asked. Click on “Confirm.”

Step 5) Afterwards, your device will start getting restored to factory settings.

Step 6) Once the process is finished, your device will restart.

Step 7) Now you can set up the device.

Restore iPhone or iPad Data

Now once you have set up your device, you may want to restore the backup that you created some time ago. If you forgot to create backup and have already factory reset your device, then don’t panic and read another article on how to back up your data after you have reset your device.

Method 1 – Restore iPhone or iPad Data Using iTunes

To restore your data using iTunes, follow these steps:

Step 1) At First, open iTunes on your PC and plug in your device.

Step 2) Then select “Your Device.”

Step 3) Afterwards, click on “Restore from iTunes” Backup in the phone.

Step 4) Select Restore Backup in “iTunes” in PC.

Step 5) Now select the backup that you created and click on “Restore.”

Step 6) Once the sync is finished, disconnect your device from the PC.

Step 7) Your data is successfully restored.

Method 2 – Restore iPhone or iPad Data Using iCloud

If you have created a backup on iCloud then to restore that backup go through the following steps:

Step 1) During the setup process, reach on the “Apps & Data” screen.

Step 2) Click on Restore from “iCloud Backup.”

Step 3) Sign in with your “Apple ID.”

Step 4) Choose a backup from the lists of backup available on your “iCloud Account.”

Step 5) Click on the “Backup” to start restoring.

Step 6) Once the restoring is finished, enjoy your device with all your previous data.


Final Words

Now your device is as fresh as any new device. It will surely work faster than the previous one, but you should remember one thing that you should not do a factory reset iPhone or iPad very frequently as it may damage the device in some manner.

Hopefully, you have solved any problem which arose previously on your device. If you have any doubts or if we missed something then feel free to mention it in the comment section below.