Among Hank Steinberg’s many acclaimed crime dramas, the 11 February 2020 launch of FOR LIFE on ABC Networks was a huge ratings success. Due to the success of the first film, the creators are likely to return for a sequel.

Outstanding performances from Nicholas Pinnock, Indira Varma (This Way Up), Joy Bryant, and many others elevate this legal drama to the next level.

For Life Season 2 Release Date

Since it was based on the life of real-life hero Isaac Wright Jr., it was able to attract a large following and receive generally positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave a score of 7.2/10 to this thriller’s narration.


For Life Season 2

The plot centres on its protagonist, Aaron Wallace, who was wrongfully given a life sentence by the United States government for a crime he did not commit.

The plot shifted when Aaron, a lawyer, got locked up and began advocating on behalf of his fellow inmates. His conviction was reversed thanks to the efforts of his defence team.

The audience was kept interested all the way to the conclusion by the thrilling situations and events that occurred at every turn in the plot.

In spite of the show’s success, which saw it receive two seasons in 2019, production on season 3 will not begin until 2020. That’s right, you spotted a typo. For Life has been cancelled by ABC.

Intriguing mystery fans, let’s find out more about the upcoming third season.

Have You Decided If You Want To Watch Season 3 Of For Life?

As of June 15, 2020, ABC has picked up the criminal drama for a second season that will premiere on November 18, 2020. Though ABC decided to pull the plug after two seasons on May 14, 2021, the show is likely to be taken up by other stations. IMDb TV, which licenced the first two seasons, has been mentioned as a possible home for the third.

Jackson has been trying feverishly to save the show after ABC cancelled it owing to low ratings. Since signing with IMDb TV, viewers have had access to the first two seasons. The series will eventually be seen on as it has been designated as an IMDb TV Original.

When Will Season 3 of For Life Air?

The show’s chances of being picked up for a second season on another network are decreasing as things stand now.

Efforts have been made to keep it around, with IMDb TV securing a deal to air older seasons under the condition that they help the show gain traction for its upcoming episodes.
In the end, they decided not to take on the project. The lead actor, Nicholas Pinnock, seemed unconcerned and took the opportunity to express gratitude to the network, ABC.

Who will be on the Cast of Season 3 of Life?

However, there is still hope that the series will be renewed by another streaming service in the future. You may rest assured that the majority of the original cast will return for the sequel. Yes, many of your favourite actors and actresses will be returning, along with a few new faces.

The story of “For Life” centres on the protagonist’s appeals after he was wrongfully convicted of drug trafficking and given a death sentence. Working for an attorney after serving time in prison, he advanced to a position that resulted in the dismissal of his entire conviction. Check out the official For Life Season 2 video to learn more about the brand new thrilling events that will be included in the upcoming second season.

ABC has not yet announced that the For Life will return for a third season. Dates for the premieres of Seasons 3 and 4 of For Life have not been set.

For Life’s Plot Summary:

It’s no secret that the story of Isaac Wright Jr. influenced the first season of the show. In 1991, he was wrongfully accused of distributing illegal drugs. Unfortunately, after numerous appeals, he was given a life sentence.

Later in life, he served a new life in prison by working for the defence of his fellow convicts, which ultimately resulted in the reversal of his conviction.

The first season concluded on a shady note, with Aaron (Nicholas Pinnock) seemingly being offered a second shot at trial in his afterlife.

The protagonist’s double existence promises to be even more riveting to witness in the upcoming second season. The season will shed light on the ways in which the American legal system has failed in similar situations.

We’ll be in touch with you again as soon as we have more information about For Life season 3 after the announcement of the upcoming season’s premiere.

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