The CES 2022 had been a huge hit, and everyone in the tech industry had been talking about it. And why should they not? It had some of the weirdest and coolest gadgets that we had seen in our life.

All the big tech companies like Google and such had been present at the meet. There were some big announcements made by companies that are popular and famous.

Weirdest and Coolest Gadgets At CES 2022

Weirdest and Coolest Gadgets At CES 2022

We are going to go ahead and list a fee of the most proper and the coolest stuff that had been seen at the CES 2022. You are going to find all this fascinating.

1. Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED – This one is a foldable laptop that is one of the best that we have seen. It is the world’s first foldable PC with a screen that measures 17 inches.

2. Samsung Freestyle – It sounds like a kind of dance, but it is a cute mini portable projector that Samsung came up with. It is really cute, but it works like a beast. You can carry it with you and use it to project on any surface. It does not matter if you have a screen or not.

3. Sony QD-OLED TV – This is one of the most talked-about gadget TV in recent times. You have seen the Sony OLED TV, and that is awesome in itself, but this is even better than that one. As we have suggested before, this is all for the TV lovers out there.

4. HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Headphones – It is a gaming headset, and this is literally what all gamers need. This one can last for 300 hours after you have charged it once. I don’t think that this can get any better than that. You don’t even need to know about any other features.

So that’s just a few of the awesome stuff that we could find at the CES 2022, just a glimpse.