Google had just launched two new monitors made especially for video conferencing. Since the world is going online and all the work is done from home, it is very much important for all people to have a good quality system set up at their homes which will make their work easier.

Google had thought about this and made a series of accessories that are going to help a person or rather a worker to work from home and can be assisting the people for their meetings. The monitors are also made solely keeping in mind the purpose of the video conference and video meetings.

Google's New Series One Monitors

The monitors are available in two sizes. It is either a desk-size 27-inch configuration or a larger 65-inch conference room size. Now we need to mention and clarify once again so that it is clear to all of you guys that these are known as the Google Series One monitors so from the name it should be pretty clear that these monitors were specially designed and created for the Google Meet calls. The monitors are given separate names too. The smaller monitor is given the name of and is called the Series One Desk 27. On the other hand, they are calling the larger one the Series One Board 65.

But do not be under the impression that it is made only for video calls and conferences on the Google meet only and that they can not be used for anything else. That is obviously not true at all. Besides working well with the assigned app of Google Meet, the monitors can also be used to dial into Webex calls as well.

There is a lot of competition in the market regarding this. Microsoft Surface Hub, both Series One monitors are to name a few of them. Google will be announcing the pricing, actually, it had been announced but the exact amount had not been said. It is going to be around 1999 dollars. That is really a very good and reasonable price given the features that the monitor is sporting.

If you are someone who works from home and have video conference daily then you might want to look into it.