Numerous fresh memes and internet jokes become popular every day. Memes grew rapidly on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, whereas they were already popular on Facebook and Twitter. The “How Long Do Emos Live?”

Meme is extremely popular at the moment. Earlier memes like “How Long Do Short People Live?” “How Long Do Monkeys Live?,” and “How Long Do Idiots Live?” are clear inspirations for this new one. All of these memes share the same overall meaning, yet each has its own unique twist.

The question could be read as “How Long Do Emus Live?” and bring to mind the emu by someone of the millennial or boomer generations.

How Long do Emos Live?

But you’re totally wrong about it. The Emo subculture and movement are topics of conversation within the TikTok phenomenon. There has been a recent uptick in searches for surprising results using terms like those above. Keep reading to learn more about this development.


What Does The Emo Trend Mean?

It all began with a simple Google search for “How Long Do Emos Live?” and the subsequent online publication of the results by users of social media platforms like TikTok. Emos have a life expectancy of 12–15 years, according to many studies. However, some have gotten longer or shorter estimates, such as 10–13 years or 15–20 years.

People found it amusing that Emo people don’t stay Emo for long, and the results of this study quickly became viral online. Emotional, angsty, and anxious persons are referred to as “emos.” They dress in dark, form-fitting styles and wear dramatic makeup or hair to express their sensitivity.

The search results were humorous to witness because of the common perception of Emos as angry youngsters. Those who identify as Emo are often written off as doomed or expected to outlive their moodiness. However, many of these assumptions are false. Most people who identify as emo are simply sensitive and seek outlets in art, music, and other creative pursuits to share their feelings.

About Emo Trend

There are many variations on the phrase “How Long Do Emos Live,” including “How Long Do Short People Live,” “How Long Do Idiots Live,” “How Long Do Rats Live,” and “How Long Do Monkeys Live.”

A popular trend on TikTok asks, “How Long Do X Live?” and then shows the Google search result for the average lifespan of a certain demographic (12–15 years). To participate in the prank, users typically Google questions like “how long do emos live,” then text their emo friend the words “I will never forget you,” in keeping with the trend’s most ubiquitous sounds.

Evidence of the screenshot and related phenomena may be seen as far back as the middle of 2021, but it wasn’t until early 2022 that the phenomenon truly took hold.

Legitimacy Of The Searches

Many individuals have been sending similar memes to an Emo friend or family member, often including a message about how much they will miss the recipient when they pass away. However, you shouldn’t be concerned.

Most of the search results here are fabricated. This widespread belief held on the internet is false. Since the term “emo” is not a legitimate way to describe a person, it is impossible to do a thorough investigation of an emo’s life.

All the people in the viral videos employ fake Google search results. It’s also not clear if the implication of these videos is that emo people will die young or that they’ll outgrow it after a specific amount of time.

Therefore, there is no need for alarm. Being an Emo will not always shorten your life expectancy. If you know an Emo who has been emailed this meme, try to calm them down instead of fanning the flames.

“How Long Do Emos Live?” Origin

The Shiba Inu, Doge’s breed, may have been an inspiration for the phony Google search, however its true genesis remains a mystery. On March 8th, 2021, dark_iron_gains, a page on Instagram run by a bodybuilder, released a video in which he was shown a screenshot of the Shiba Inu lifespan, with the character appearing downcast about it.

Over the course of a year, the below meme was viewed around 78,100 times and liked 16,000 times.

On July 9th, 2021, TikToker girlie_violet0 released a video that included a phony screenshot of a Google search reading, “how long do idiots live,” and overlayed text reading, “Who you gonna be sending this to?” The video (seen below) acquired around 13,200 plays and over 270 likes in eight months. It is the first known usage of this trend.

Why Do People Dislike Emos?

The common conception of an emo is that they are a depressed adolescent who hates everything. However, this is not the case. The vast majority of emo kids just get sad and vent their frustrations via art.

Kids that identify as emo do exist, however it should be noted that they represent a small subset of the emo population as a whole.

Plus, the vast majority of us are excellent human beings; we’re just more in tune with our feelings than “normal” citizens. Some (but not all) emo people are legitimately depressed, so tread carefully if you make a joke about it, as some people may become upset.


A new meme every day. Because of this new trend, I’m reminded of a piece we wrote about a Tiktok trend in which users searched Google for “How Long Do Idiots Live?” and were given the answer that they might expect to live another 12-15 years.

Similarly, the latest meme “How Long Do Emos Live” has spread throughout Tiktok and is being praised as yet another entertaining meme. You don’t have to be confused.

So, what’s the problem with this new meme in which the inquiry is the same but, only a new word is added “Emo”? If you continue reading, you will find solutions to all of your questions.