Since its debut in 2017, Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover has been virtually unstoppable in the realm of international animation. The manga itself has been translated into 15 different languages and has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

Recent episodes, especially those in the Spade Kingdom Arc, have introduced new viewers to the world of elves, devils, Magic Knights, and Grimoires. Black Clover has been airing for four years, which is quite a while for an anime, however the show is currently on hiatus..

How Many Episode Does Black Clover Have


Can you Explain What “Black Clover” is?

Black Clover follows Asta, a young orphan, as he grows up in an orphanage alongside another orphan named Yuno.

Although he was raised in a world where magic is innate, Asta was born unable to tap into it, so he focused on becoming physically strong. His pal Yuno, on the other hand, was born a magical prodigy with vast magical energy and a natural skill for using wind magic.

They dream of one day becoming the most powerful wizard in the land, The Wizard King, and bringing honour to the orphanage by joining the Magic Knights, a somewhat militant army of Mages who guard and police the Clover kingdom.

The goal promotes the growth of their connection into a healthy competition. When they’re old enough, all of the children in the land attend an unique ceremony called the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony, when they each get their very own grimoire (or spell book) for the first time.

Yuno is presented with a famous four-leaf grimoire, the kind of grimoire that is only given to the most powerful Mages, at his coming-of-age ceremony.

Meanwhile, the enigmatic five-leaf grimoire, which contains blackened swords and exudes equally rare anti-magic, selects Asta despite his lack of magical ability.

What is the Total Number of Black Clover Episodes?

To far, there have been 170 episodes of Black Clover, or around 40 episodes per season. Even for the most dedicated Netflix couch potato, that’s a lot of TV in one sitting.

It’s worthwhile if you’re a fan who wants to learn more about what makes the anime so amazing. After the shocking events of the season finale, audiences are sure to be on the edge of their seats for the highly anticipated film’s release.

If you’re worried about missing out (FOMO) and want to get completely caught up before that time (without feeling pressured), you might need to spend part of your free time every day for the foreseeable future watching Black Clover episodes. Hopefully, you can wrap up before next summer.