Many gamers like playing solo, but there are some experiences that are better shared with pals. While this may not always be the case, there are many positive aspects of making friends among trainers in Pokemon Go, such as the ability to exchange gifts. Success for all!

Not only is it necessary to have someone to trade with in order to obtain rare Pokemon, but the longer you’ve been friends with the person you’re trading with, the less Stardust you’ll need during the actual exchange.

There is, however, a finite number of friends that any one individual can have. How many simultaneous friends can one player have in this game?

How Many Friends can you have in Pokemon Go


A Common Question is, “How Many Friends can you have in Pokemon Go?”

In April of 2021, players will be able to add 400 buddies to their Pokemon Go profiles. As a result of player demand, this limit was increased to 400.

The game encourages you to team up with pals by providing attack bonuses in Raid groups. As your friendship with that individual grows stronger, so does the bonus you receive.

Even if neither of those were possible, the prospect of passively acquiring stuff like additional Poke Balls, Potions, and Revives would be reason enough to start socialising.

Final Words

Need some desperately? Subreddits like “Pokemon Go Friends” are filled with people just like you who are willing to share their Friend Codes with anyone who asks.

Having so many pals might not be as useful as you think, though, because you can only open 30 gifts every day. You never know when someone will stop playing, therefore it’s not that horrible to be a sociable person.