Roblox: How Do I Drop Items? Roblox has a system for dropping items. However, you won’t find any help within the game itself, not even in the form of official or adequate walkthroughs.

Roblox’s item-dropping feature is hit-or-miss. In addition to the game itself, the platform you use also makes a difference. Let’s dive right into the various ways you may drop items in Roblox.

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How To Drop Items in Roblox


Method 1: Roblox: How to Drop Items on a Computer or Laptop

To begin, you must be participating in a server that supports this feature. You have no way of knowing if it does permit such actions, though. If it doesn’t work, though, you should know that the server does not allow drops. You should also have a droppable item in your possession. I’ll show you the ropes.

  1. Sign up for a Roblox Game.
  2. Grab something.
  3. Do a double-click on the delete key. If it wasn’t successful, try clicking your mouse’s left button or the delete key many times. You can expect the item to fall in close proximity to your player character. A wide variety of items are fair game for you to try to chuck. I even gave it a shot on the Tower of Hades and succeeded in sprinkling coins from the sky.

Method 2: Roblox: Mobile: How to Drop Items

Although the vast majority of servers do not support Mobile, you can try it out by following these instructions:-

  1. Input text from your mobile device into any game by joining, equipping, and playing.
  2. You’ll need to use the delete key several times now. Aim for 7 repetitions, and don’t stop in between. Eventually, the item will fall, and someone else will be able to pick it up.

Method 3: Xbox One And Roblox Item Dropping

In Roblox for Xbox, you may also throw items. It should be noted that the vast majority of servers do not have this functionality turned on.

I’ve tried it out, and it does indeed function in servers where dropping Items is a normal gameplay mechanic, such as Skyblock and similar games. You can still give it a shot though; I’ve laid down the steps below.

  1. Skyblock Game Sign-up > Obtain and Wear a Weapon.
  2. A number of times must be spent clicking the d-down pad’s arrow button.
  3. Soon after, you’ll be able to obtain the aforementioned item.

If you’re still having trouble dropping items, it’s probably because the game doesn’t have the feature implemented. Due to how it could clash with the game’s concept, some developers choose to leave it disabled.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the aforementioned techniques if the game doesn’t support that function.


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