If either the TV’s firmware or the host device’s operating system (say, a Mac) is out of current, Airplay may not function on your Samsung TV. The issue could possibly be the result of improperly configured Samsung TV settings (including Auto Protection Time, IP Remote, IPv6, etc.).

The problem occurs when a user attempts to Airplay content from an Apple device to a Samsung TV but is unsuccessful. It’s possible that the Samsung TV won’t even appear in Airplay.

Airplay Not Working on Samsung TV


Method 1: If Your Samsung TV isn’t Connecting To The Internet, Try Reconnecting it.

Retrying the network in the Samsung TV’s Settings menu may rectify the situation if Airplay stopped operating due to a momentary failure of the Samsung TV’s network modules.

Step 1: Navigate to Network in the General section of your Samsung TV’s menu.

Step 2: After that, choose Network Status and hit the Retry option.

Step 3: Check to see if Airplay is functioning properly on the Samsung TV after reconnecting the Wi-Fi on the host device (such as an iPhone).

Method 2: The Samsung TV’s Airplay Feature Must Be Re-Enabled in The System Menu.

Disabling and re-enabling Airplay in the Samsung TV’s Settings may resolve the current Airplay problem, which may have been caused by a transient fault of the Samsung TV.

Step 1: To access Apple Airplay Settings, go to General in your TV’s settings menu.

Step 2: To turn off Airplay, simply go to the Settings menu and make the appropriate selection.

Step 3: Restart Airplay and see if it’s functioning properly on the Samsung TV.

Method 3: Change Airplay’s Pairing Code Requirement and Restart Your Devices

The current Airplay problem may arise if the Airplay’s code requirement is not set up correctly; setting the requirement to “always” (or vice versa) may fix the issue.

Step 1: Go into your TV’s menu and pick General to get the most basic settings.

Step 2: Turning on “Require Code” at each and every Airplay connection is now a permanent fixture in Apple Airplay’s settings.

Step 3: The next step is to see if Airplay is functioning correctly on the Samsung TV.

Step 4: If that doesn’t work, try switching the Airplay setting to “Require Code to Use Password Instead.”

Step 5: If the problem still persists, try using the Require Code option to see if resetting the associated devices helps.

If that didn’t work, try going back into the Samsung TV’s settings and selecting “About Airplay” from the menu. Now, if necessary, revert back to the previous version and see if that helps fix the problem.

Method 4: Improve Your Samsung TV by Installing The Most Recent Firmware Update.

The current Airplay problem may have been brought on by the Samsung TV’s need for an update to its firmware.

Step 1: Access the Support menu in the Samsung TV’s settings.

Step 2: Simply launch Software Update and click the “Update Now” button.

Step 3: Allow the TV’s firmware to update automatically if one is available.

Step 4: After installing the new firmware, test to see if Airplay is functioning properly on the Samsung TV.

Method 5: Put The Most Recent Version of The Host Device’s Operating System in Place.

The Airplay problem with the Samsung TV may be resolved by updating the operating system or firmware of the host device (such as a Mac).

Step 1: Open Software Update in System Preferences once the Mac has been started.

Step 2: Click the Update Now button if an update is available (or Upgrade Now).

Step 3: Check to see if Airplay is functioning properly after installing the new macOS.