Making rain in Little Alchemy 2 is a breeze; you just need to mix a few ingredients together. Our walkthrough will show you every rainmaking technique in the game.


The Little Alchemist 2 Guide to Producing Rain

In Little Alchemy 2, we have found all three ingredients necessary to create rain.

How To Make Rain in Little Alchemy 2

Synthesising a Cloud

The first step in creating rain in Little Alchemy 2 is to acquire the Cloud element. Making a cloud by combining just two varieties is more challenging than in the previous game edition. You can use any of the following combinations to create a cloud:

  • Mist + The Atmosphere
  • The Atmosphere + Water
  • The Sky + Mist
  • Water+ The Sky

However, the Atmosphere or Sky element is the most crucial requirement for making a Cloud, as the former cannot exist without the latter. You shouldn’t worry, though, since we’ve got you covered in that respect, too.

Creating an Atmosphere

The following components must be brought together to create Atmosphere:

  • Land = Earth + Earth
  • Continent = Land + Land
  • Planet= Continent + Continent
  • Atmosphere = Air + Planet

Atmosphere can also be easily made by combining Air and Sky, although this method requires the presence of Sky. There could be an issue if you have never previously made a Sky.

  • Planet + Fire = Sun
  • Sun + Atmosphere = Sky

A Sky can be formed in a number of various ways, but at least two of them must involve Clouds.

  • Air + Cloud
  • Atmosphere + Cloud

Therefore, combining Sun and Moon components is an excellent strategy for Sky formation. But that only works if you have access to the Moon to begin with.

Cloud-Forming Water Droplets

Once the cloud has formed, the component for rain can be made in a straightforward fashion. Simply drag and drop the most relevant component where you want it to go. Water, thus, would be the relevant substance.

Put it right at the very peak of the cloud. Therefore, the cloud element’s icon would change to a rain cloud icon with the text “Tears of the clouds” appearing above it.

Additional Potential Permutations

Most players prefer alchemy games because of the fun they have combining various components into new and interesting wholes. There are two different kinds of combinations you can employ to generate rain in Little Alchemy 2:

  • Cloud + Heat
  • Cloud + Pressure

Temperature and pressure are not chemical elements. In this situation, you’ll need a few different things to put it all together. You can use any of these ingredients in any combination you like to create heat:

  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Energy + Air = Heat

To make Pressure, you need only combine all the air-related ingredients in any of the following ways:

  • Air + Air
  • Atmosphere + Atmosphere
  • Air + Atmosphere

Little Alchemy 2 gives you a variety of additional options for creating various elements as you progress through the game. As an illustration, Heat can be made by combining Fire and an Idea. Science/Lava can also be combined with Philosophy to produce this.

In addition, two Oceans, or a Geyser and Science, can combine to produce Pressure.

How Rain Plays a Role in Little Alchemy 2

Once you have access to the element of Rain, which you have created, you can do some truly incredible things with it. All of us know how crucial rain is in the real world. Rain also proves to be an important factor in Little Alchemy 2.

It’s a feature of every downpour, flood, river, stream, and puddle. In Little Alchemy 2, rain is used to keep vegetation and animals hydrated. When it snows and the sun is out, rainbows are more likely to appear.

And when the temperature drops, it showers us with icy hail. Droughts kill all the crops if they don’t get enough water. The river also runs dry. The animal population starts to decline as well.

Components to Construct Using Rain

In Little Alchemy 2, rain can help you combine 17 different elements. These precipitation-induced components can be either organic or synthetic. Here are some of the things that rain can make possible:

  • Rain + Air = Mist
  • The Sun + Rain = Rainbow
  • Light + Rain = Rainbow
  • Hill + Rain= River
  • Soil + Rain = Plant
  • Flower+ Rain = Fruit
  • Forest + Rain = Rainforest
  • Flour+ Rain= Dough
  • Electricity + Rain = Lightning
  • Energy+ Rain= Lightning
  • Wind + Rain= Storm
  • Big+ Rain= Flood
  • Rain + Rain = Flood
  • Lake+ Rain + Lake= Flood
  • River + Rain= Flood
  • Time+ Rain= Flood
  • Human + Rain = Cold
  • Cold+ Rain= Snow
  • Mountain Range + Rain = Snow
  • Ice+ Rain= Hail
  • City + Rain = Acid Rain
  • Smog+ Rain= Acid Rain
  • Smoke + Rain = Acid Rain
  • Sickness+ Rain= Acid Rain
  • Campfire + Rain = Ash
  • Fabric+ Rain= Umbrella
  • Tool + Rain = Umbrella
  • Deity+ Rain = Rainbow Serpent

You may find the game’s visuals to be a bit distracting. Think about all the many permutations of landmasses and the moon that could exist on Earth. Additionally, it appears that all of these use the logic of the real world thanks to the numerous permutations of Planet and Sky.

However, there are also extremely rational reasons for the elemental combinations required to create rain in Little Alchemy 2. Let’s rewind to when we first started creating Pressure as an element.

While forming this element, the pressure is created by increasing the air-related elements by doubling their quantity in Little Alchemy 2. We also encounter natural phenomena such as the pressures of the ocean and geysers.

Furthermore, the same reasoning holds true when combining Water and Lava. As a result, Steam and Obsidian are easier to create. The same reasoning is applied here, and the rain can be summoned using entirely natural means. The game also features a wide variety of mythical creatures and monsters.