Those who use Macs have it rough. The hardware is top-notch, the OS is rock solid, and there are hardly any games for it. But even while most game studios aren’t making macOS versions of their games, that doesn’t mean you can’t play PC games on your Apple computer.

It just requires a delicate touch. The best way to play PC games on a Mac is to install Windows using Boot Camp (unless you have an ARM-based Mac, in which case Boot Camp won’t work).

It’s the fastest and most convenient method to play games on your computer. It’s frustrating to have to restart your computer every time you want to play a game, and it takes up a lot of space on your hard drive.

How to Play Windows Games on a Mac

Though virtualization makes it possible to run Windows, it comes at a significant performance cost. We totally get it if you don’t want to install Windows because of all the bother it can cause. Here are some options if you’re looking for a Mac game to play.


How to Play Windows Games on a Mac

Most Windows games are playable on a Mac, but doing so involves more work than simply downloading and running your preferred title.

It is recommended that if your Mac is capable, you utilize Bootcamp to install Windows on it so you can play Windows games on your Mac. That way, you can play any Windows game you want on your Mac, and you’ll be able to switch between macOS and Windows at startup.

Option 1: GeForce Now

GeForce Now allows Mac users with older hardware to enjoy today’s PC games in a seamless manner. This is an Nvidia-hosted streaming service that operates in the cloud. Since every game is managed in the cloud, all you really need is a reliable connection to the internet.

After a lengthy test period, most of the bugs have been ironed out, making it suitable for usage with even the most frenetic of multiplayer games like Fortnite. To further discuss games, GeForce Now offers a wide variety of games from Steam,, and Uplay.

The majority of them have been cached, so you may start playing your favorite game right away. GeForce Now is available for free, albeit users are required to join a waiting list and are only allotted one hour per session. You’ll need a Priority Membership ($10) if you want to play for longer.

Step 1: Setting up GeForce Now is simple.

Step 2: To learn more about Nvidia, visit their website. Create a free account or sign in with Google or Facebook to access GeForce Now’s download page.

Step 3: Get GeForce for Mac OS Right Away and Set It Up.

Step 4: Enter Your Account Information and Log In. When you select the Log In button, a new web page will load in your browser. To finish, just hit the Nvidia logo in the center.

Step 5: Check out the Games. Game enthusiasts can pick from a wide variety of titles on GeForce Now. In order to play a paid game, you must first sign in with Steam or another provider.

Step 6: So, let the begin the game.

Option 2: WineBottler

It’s also possible to use Wine to play Steam games designed for Windows. This is not an emulator, but rather a compatibility layer that allows for the operation of a wide variety of Microsoft software.

WineBottler serves as its nerve center, allowing users to swiftly get copies of all the most popular Windows programs. The best part is that it costs nothing at all. This is how to use WineBottler to Play PC Games on a Mac:

Step 1: Please go to WineBottler and get the app. In lieu of the most recent release, it’s recommended that you stick with a stable build.

Step 2: Putting it in is the next step. To achieve this, access the file download location and then move Wine and WineBottler to the Applications folder.

Step 3: Tear open Wine Bottle. Click the Games menu, then find Steam and select Install.

Step 4: Sign into your Steam account. Making a new account takes less than a minute and is a breeze.

Step 5: Look for Video Games Here! It’s time to peruse the selection and get your hands on the titles you’ve been eyeing.

Step 6: Moreover, you may find many high-quality Indie games on Steam that are available for free, with no obligation to make a purchase.

Step 7: Play! Once you’re ready, it’s time to check out your Library. Select a game and press the Play button.

Option 3: CrossOver Mac

Another program dependent on Wine is CrossOver. It’s more practical than a WineBottler because to its sleek UI, but you’ll have to shell out some cash for it. You may try out CrossOver for free for four days before shelling over $40.

It’s the only program outside Parallels that can run Windows games on a Mac with an M1 processor. With CrossOver, you can easily play PC games on a Mac in only 3 simple steps.

Step 1: You can get CrossOver here, so just download and set it up.

Step 2: Install Steam. Launch the program and select the option to add a Windows program.

Step 3:  Start by typing the name of the software you want to download (e.g., “Steam” or “Origin”) into the search field. To begin setting up, select the Install button.

Step 4: Track Down Your Desired Video Games. Every single Windows game should be there in Steam when you launch it. Initiate playback of your favorites from the Library after you’ve downloaded them.


If you own a Mac and want to play Windows games without any hassle, you can use Bootcamp to install Windows. Bootcamp gives you the option of using either macOS or Windows, and both are completely functional. As with any other Windows PC, you can use Steam and Epic Games to play any game you like on Windows.