It’s very annoying to put out a video with one filter, only to find after the fact that another filter would have improved it.

However, how do you plan to fix this?  Have you ever considered whether this is even possible? Unfortunately, no is the short answer. If you’ve previously uploaded a video to TikTok with a filter applied and then decide you want to take it down, you’re out of luck.

How to Remove a Tiktok Filter

A video’s filters can be removed in some situations when saving a draught. This is what we’ve learned about the procedure thus far.

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Here’s the Lowdown on Deleting Effects From a Rough TikTok Draught

Videos that have already been posted or uploaded by other users cannot have their filters removed, however your own recordings can be edited after they have been saved as a draught. Please be aware that this only appears to apply to filters and effects that you apply after the video has already been recorded.

Remove effects from your TikTok rough cuts as detailed below:

  • It’s time to fire up TikTok and get your profile set up.
  • Select the rough cut of the video you wish to modify by tapping on it.
  • To return to the editing menu, tap the back button in the top left corner.
  • You can undo the filters you’ve applied to your video by selecting them in the ‘effects’ option on the bottom left. You’ll need to press the button several times if you’ve included multiple.
  • You can proceed without adding filters by selecting “none,” or you can tap “next” to save your modifications.
  • Put aside your working copy.

Tips for Removing Pre-Existing Filters

Videos in draughts can have filters removed, and filters you don’t like or don’t want to use can be hidden, so that the app is more tailored to your specific needs.

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Here’s how to get rid of unpopular TikTok filters and keep only the ones you like:

  • To access the camera, start up the app and tap the + sign.
  • Select the Filters button (located in the upper right).
  • To see what filters are available, swipe up from the filter label and then pick Management.
  • You can try out the various filters to see which ones work best for you by clicking on them.
  • To deactivate a filter that isn’t relevant to your needs, just tap on the checkbox next to it.
  • Any filters that aren’t currently selected will be hidden.

This is quite useful when you want to fast access your most frequently used filters rather than scrolling through all of them.

That being said, there it is. Although you can’t un-filter a video once it’s been uploaded, you can prevent yourself from making the same error twice by disabling the filter in the Filters panel.