At first glance, Roblox’s lack of a numerical speech bubble seems ridiculous. But when you get down to brass tacks, you’ll understand why Roblox players just can’t bring themselves to utter digits. Then you will see that everything is perfectly reasonable.


Compose Your Score Before You Start Crunching The Numbers

Incorporating music into a numerical presentation is the most common and straightforward approach. Take, for instance, the case of trying to unload a bayonet from your virtual inventory.

How To Say Numbers in Roblox 2019

You could just tell the player that you want to buy music for 100 thousand gold coins, and it will do so without you having to do anything else. Innumerable times, I’ve seen this work, although gamers say it’s frequently patched out.

I put it to the test today, and it performed well. The use of numbers in combination with anything is not limited to music. That’s why it’s possible to enter either “car1” or “car8.” Equally applicable to cup1 or cup9.

Please keep in mind that you can only list a single digit quantity next to each item. Someone above me obviously trying to have a numerical talk. Those, however, were marked, and the resulting numbers were transformed into hashtags.

Put in Roman Numerals

Roman numerals are another approach to avoid the conversation filter. I realise this is an absurd explanation, but there’s nothing else to do when the game forbids you to think in numerical terms.

In the past, players would copy and paste a variety of text formats into chat. Later on, though, access was denied to them. You can give Roman numerals a shot now without fear of failure. However, there is a disadvantage to this function.

You’d need some time away from the keyboard and Google to learn it. Also, not all gamers or pals under the age of 13 will comprehend it right away.

Roblox Game URL Unblocking Tool

To date, this is the most novel approach ever seen on Roblox. YouTuber jaxme discovered this trick, which entails pasting “/e” into Roblox’s chat window. After that, the game stops marking his stats.

The official reasoning behind this success is unknown. But, as far as I’m aware. The chat filter may be temporarily disabled via this URL, allowing you to send one more message.

The coolest part is that you can use this way to pronounce an infinite number of integers in Roblox. However, this may not be applicable to all games. A detailed explanation of the procedure is provided below.

Step 1: Launch Roblox, go to Chat, right-click, paste, /e,, and hit Enter.

Step 2: You won’t be able to utilise that Emote anymore because the chat will inform you so. To ignore it, just enter any random number into your next text.

Step 3: Although the Number won’t be blocked, you’ll need to click the link first before sending any message.

SS Before Any Number

It’s also standard practise to abbreviate Roblox numbers with SS while sending a message instead of using hashtags. This is comparable to the other approaches described above. Roblox thinks you’re trying to sell something or type an item.

Meanwhile, replace SS with two numbers of your choosing. Players say they can no longer use this function due to the game’s conversation filter. But as of today, September 2020, I checked it, and it’s perfect. There are two downsides to this function.

The first is that some of your gamers might misinterpret what you’re saying. The second limitation is that you can only use the first two digits.

Step 1: Roblox Chat > Open It Simply enter ss followed by the number you wish to write.

Step 2: The image depicting the new SS designation next to the letter will appear in all relevant places.