It’s very frustrating to be unable to use your Airpods because you misplaced the case and can’t pair them with your iPhone (or Android smartphone).

No need to stress if you’re in this situation and have no idea what to do; I’m here to help.

How to Turn on Airpods Without Case


How to Turn on Airpods Without Case?

Initial pairing of your AirPods with your smartphone requires the case. It’s possible that you won’t need the case in order to connect and pair your device with your AirPods if you’ve already done so.

Let’s have a serious discussion about it so that I can offer advice on how to move forward with resolving the issue at hand.

Does the Case Need to Be Present to Pair AirPods?

No need for the case after the pairing between your AirPods and your smartphone has been accomplished. You must have the case in order to pair the AirPods with a new iPhone or Android smartphone.

The AirPods’ carrying case serves a dual purpose. The case does two things: first, it charges your AirPods, and second, it indicates their charge status via a colour display. Here’s what each of the AirPods case colours means in case you weren’t aware.

  • When the AirPods’ charging case’s LED light turns green, your headphones are fully charged.
  • When the AirPods case flashes orange, it implies that either the case or the AirPods are charging.
  • Third, a flashing white light indicates that the case is Bluetooth-enabled and ready to be paired.
  • When the amber light begins flashing, you know your AirPods or AirPods Pro are having a problem.

The second function of the AirPod is to enable the user to add a new device through a pairing process. Resetting or reconnecting your AirPods to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is as easy as pressing the device’s back button.

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How can I Pair My AirPods With My Phone?

You can skip this if you already know how to connect your AirPods to your iPhone or Android smartphone, or you can follow the steps below if you need some help.

When the Case Battery Dies, can the AirPods Still be Paired?

Connecting and using the AirPods is possible even if there is no charge left in the case, but doing so requires fully charged AirPods.

However, the AirPods must have previously associated with the device in question; without the case, you cannot create a new connection on AirPods.

It’s recommended that you charge the case while listening to music on AirPods, and then use the case to charge the earbuds when you want to use them without the case.

Can the AirPods Case be Followed? If I Managed to Lose them.

Tile is the only item that can be used to monitor where your AirPods case has been. Tile, which may help you keep track of your valuables for just $20 to $30, is a modest price to pay to ensure the safety of your case.