‘I Just Fell in Love with the West side’ is one of the popular English song. It was sang by Eric Bellinger. This song also featured the most renowned artist Fetty Wap and 2 Chainz.

Eric Aldwin Bellinger who is also known as Eric Bellinger is a well-known American singer. He also plays a role as a producer and a songwriter. Eric Bellinger is acing in his career of music. He was nominated for 4 Grammy awards and he won a Grammy award in the category of Best R&B album.

I Just Fell In Love With The Westside


Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is a famous American rapper and a singer. He has won many awards like MC 100 Award, MTV Music Video Award, iheartRadio music Award and many more. Just like Fetty Wap, 2 Chainz is also an amazing American rapper with 11.6M followers on instagram.

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These three legends together havereleased a song with the tittle ‘I just Fell in Love with the West Side’ aka Valet in the year 2015. It is one of the most popular song which has over 8 million views on YouTube.This song is a part of an album Cuffing Season Part 2.

The song is for the youngsters who wants to have fun and make their life adventurous. The song is high on energy and creates a high energetic vibe.This is the reason why this song is popular amongst youngsters especially the teenagers. The beats in this particular song is amazing and soothing to the ears.

Due to the song’s ability to excite the listeners, it is played in DJ of parties or weddings. ‘Valet’ is famous on TikTok.Now a days, people have creating short videos of them dancing on this song in TikTok.

As of now it’s been 7 years since this song is released and still till this day people are enjoying its vibe. If you look into the YouTube comment section under the music video, you will see that ‘Valet’ uplifts moods of its listeners. People love listening to this song but their favorite part is of Fetty Wap rap.

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Last Words

If you are looking for a song that makes you dance, uplift your mood and makes you happy then I Just Fell in Love with the West Side aka Valet is a song for you.