You may find some of the cutest animal videos on TikTok. We could spend hours perusing the app’s content, which includes users showing off their pets and discussing their work with animals.

In a recent fad, users on the video-sharing platform TikTok remark, in part, “To put it simply, I came into this world as a canine. A dog is who I am.” Who or what started this fad, and how are people participating in it?

I Was Born a Dog I Identify as a Dog


What Exactly is the TikTok Craze of “I was born a Dog, I identify as a Dog”?

TikTok user rott n chugs uses popular pet-related audio in their videos featuring their three dogs, Peanut, Daisy, and Harley. It shared a video with its own voiceover on May 1st, 2022.

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In it, Peanut is shown looking like the cutest dog imaginable, while a narrator adds, “I can’t help it if I seem like a dog because that’s how I came into the For some reason, I’ve always seen myself as a dog. Yet, in my mother’s eyes, I’m still a young child.”

The first three lines are all spoken by the same person in the recording. However, the “I’m only a baby” comes from a another popular audio clip produced by user Little. Blooming. Women. With Little.Blooming.

Coco, when Mommy says stop you say alright,” the mother says in the women-only audio clip, to which Coco responds, “I’m just a baby.” Coco doubles down on her refusal to listen to Mom by saying, “I’m just a baby!” All of the apps have had their audio reuploaded.

The rott n chugs audio is now being used in videos featuring people’s own pets. The majority of the noise is actually people showing off their pets online.

What Member of that Family Recorded the Lullaby “I’m just a Baby?”

It was mom Jordan Faeh who reportedly recorded the infamous “I’m only a baby” recording, as reported by The Tab. She is responsible for the popular Instagram account Little.Blooming.Women, which boasts over 303,000 followers.

If you become an audio sensation on TikTok, that won’t protect you from the app’s wrath. Jordan uploaded a video on Little.Blooming, a clone of TikTok, in March of 2022. Women2 and said that the first account had been closed to her.

In the video, Jordan explains that he was permanently banned from TikTok without any prior warning or explanation. After unsuccessfully contacting the app’s support team, she turned to her audio’s devoted listeners for guidance on how to reclaim her account.

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It appears that Jordan has regained access to the account, as new videos date back to May 2022, long after the original video pleading for assistance was uploaded. The original “I’m just a baby” video has over 80 million views.

While it’s true that Jordan’s focus has been on Coco, she also has three other daughters. According to her Instagram, she and her family reside in the middle of the United States and she homeschools her children in what she calls the Bloom & Grow Schoolhouse.